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Cooper Campus Parking Update

Parking Update 8/20/2015

Parking Map for Commonwealth Stadium - See PDF link at bottomEffective Monday, 8/24, UK Parking and Transportation Services plans to have the C-6 Lot between Oswald Building and the stadium on control and will be patrolling the lot. Parking in this lot without a valid C-6 or E permit will risk a ticket from UK.

The contractors for the Commonwealth Stadium renovation project are working hard to complete the remaining parking lots as soon as possible.

We know traffic and parking around Cooper Campus has been difficult at best. Thank you for your patience and understanding as UK attempts to complete the work that will give us a much more stable condition.

View Parking Map (PDF)

Parking Update 8/13/2015

This morning, UK project managers for the stadium and parking lot construction confirmed what has become apparent over the past 2 weeks. The project will miss several key completion deadlines for construction planned to be available by the start of our classes.

The C-6 (Green) lot in front of Oswald Building is planned to be completely clear, including removal of the storage containers and available for BCTC parking.

The second entrance into this parking lot on the west end will not be completed and available for use until 8/24. The existing east entrance will be the only access to the lot during the first week of classes.

The Red lot areas closest to Cooper Drive (Areas 4, 5, and 6 on the map below) will not be completed and available for parking until 8/24.

The Red lot area 3 will be available for parking on 8/17 as well as the blue lot area 2. The blue lot area 1 will be completed and used as an overflow lot. These parking areas will be accessible from both University and Alumni Drives.

The construction project managers will be establishing a walk way across the new stadium plaza to provide access from the open lots to BCTC.

Parking and traffic flow will be difficult at best this first week of classes. BCTC will have addition contract security helping direct cars to the appropriate areas. UK Parking and Transportation Services will also have 2 members in the parking areas to assist.

One bright note. Alumni Drive is scheduled to reopen for traffic this Sunday morning at 9 AM. This new design has 2 round-a-bouts (one at Sports Center Drive and one at University Drive) so please be careful as drivers get used to these new intersections.

View Parking Map (PDF)