Payroll Related Business Policy and Procedures

Payroll Related Business Policy & Procedures

Employee Pay

Responsible Unit: Finance and Operations, Human Resources, Payroll Office. Reference: KCTCS Administrative Policies and Procedures, 2.15.

Pay Dates Pay dates are the 15th and 30th of each month, or the last work day prior to those dates if a pay date falls on a weekend or holiday. For a schedule of pay dates please see the following link: Pay Dates and Holidays

Time-Sheets & Absence Forms

There are two pay periods each month. Pay periods are the 1st through 15th and the 16th through the last day of each month. Approval of electronic time sheets and absence requests are due by 3:00 p.m. on payday.

Approving time-sheets and absence forms
Guidance for approving time sheets and absence forms is available at the following link: Supervisor Approval and Correction of Timesheets

Submitting time-sheets and absence forms
Beginning August 1, 2016, all non-exempt employees should enter time worked and absence reporting through the Time & Absence page of the employee self-service. All exempt employees should enter absence reporting through the Time & Absence page of the employee self-service. Guidance for entering your time sheets is available at the following link: Timesheet Entry for Employees

Direct Deposit

Payroll direct deposit is a condition of employment for all employees except those paid through Federal work-study funds. To establish the initial direct deposit, employees must submit a voided check along with the direct deposit form.

Changing Direct Deposit
If you change banks, or need to change your direct deposit information for other reasons, you may do this through PeopleSoft Self-Service. This must be completed before the final payroll calculation for the pay period for which you are making the change. Please contact the payroll department if you have a question about the timing of making direct deposit changes.

There is a link to the direct deposit form in your PeopleSoft Self-Service Payroll pages. If you are simply changing banks, it is recommended that you keep your old account open until your pay can be redirected to the new account. Closing a bank account before changing your direct deposit is very likely to result in late pay.

Employee Self-Service Pages

All employees are required to view and/or print their paycheck data through the PeopleSoft Self- Service Pages. Hard copies of pay statements are not available. To access the sign on page for PeopleSoft Self-Service, use the following link:

Enter your Active Directory user ID and password to sign in to PeopleSoft. Once signed in, click on Main Menu , then Self Service , then either Personal Information, Payroll and Compensation, or Benefits to access the self-service pages. Should you have difficulty logging in to the self-service pages, please contact the Information Technology (IT) department. IT contact information may be found at the following link:

When you click on Personal Information , you will see the following page:

  • Personal Information Summary (HR) -This page shows a summary of your personal data, marital status, address information, email addresses, etc. You may make changes to personal information via Employee Self-Service .

When you click on Payroll and Compensation you will see the following page options:

  • View Paycheck (Payroll) - This page shows a "stub" of the last paycheck, including YTD totals and direct deposit information. There is also a link on this page to allow employees to view previous pay stubs (View a different payment), however, prior pay stubs do not contain YTD totals. When printing the pay stub, it may be necessary to increase the width of margins in the browser to allow the pay stub to fit on a page. To do this, click on File, then Page Setup to adjust margins.
  • View Payroll/Benefits Summary - This page shows both a summary and detail of your earnings, taxes, and benefits within a calendar year. You may select a different year by clicking on the Calendar Year drop down box.
  • View Leave Balances (Payroll) - This page shows your leave balances for sick and vacation as of the last pay check, both calculated in hours and days.
  • Direct Deposit (Payroll) - This page shows your current account information for Direct Deposit. You may make changes to Direct Deposit information via Employee Self-Service .
  • Job & Compensation History (HR) -This shows a summary of your changes in JOB data, both salary and non-salary related.
  • W-4/K-4 Tax Information (Payroll) - This page shows your current W-4 and K-4 selections including allowances, additional withholdings, and marital status. You may update your W-4 and K-4 information on this page by entering your new selections and clicking the submit button at the bottom of the page.
  • W-2/W-2c Forms (Payroll) - This page allows you to print out a .pdf copy of your current W-2 or W-2c. You may also view and print W-2 forms from a prior year.
  • W-2 Reissue Request (Payroll) - This page allows you to request a reissue of your W-2 form.

W-2 Forms

Active employees will have access to an online copy (through Employee Self-Service). Former employees will only receive their W-2 form in the mail. Employees should update their home address when it changes either though Employee Self-Service or by submitting a form to HR to ensure W-2 s are mailed to the correct address.


Contact the payroll office with questions concerning tax withholding, direct deposit, and leave balances. Payroll contact information is at the following link: Payroll Staff

Contact the HR office with questions concerning salary, address/name changes, benefit deductions and parking passes. HR Contact information is at the following link: Human Resources.