Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and agreements (including catering contracts and memorandums of agreement) must be reviewed by KCTCS Purchasing and/or KCTCS Legal. BCTC's President and Vice-President of Finance & Operations are the only employees authorized to sign contracts and agreements on behalf of BCTC. Please follow the steps outlined, below, when processing a contract / agreement:

  • Forward the contract / agreement to BCTC Purchasing, Attn.: Kimberly Cameron or email to,
  • Prepare the approval documents (BA8 / BA50) necessary for the contract / agreement,
  • Obtain proper signatures for approval documents (BA8 / BA50),
  • Forward the approval documents to BCTC Purchasing, Attn.: Kimberly Cameron

If the contract / agreement needs to be revised, BCTC Purchasing will send a revision to you.

  • Upon receiving a revised contract / agreement from BCTC Purchasing, you will need to obtain verification on whether the vendor will accept the changes.
  • Communicate the above to BCTC Purchasing.

After agreeing upon final contract language, BCTC Purchasing will obtain proper signatures and forward a signed copy back to you.

Please note that you must provide proper approval documents (BA8 / BA50, as appropriate), prior to obtaining a signed contract / agreement.