Procurement Cards

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Procurement Cards

BCTC utilizes procurement cards (ProCards) for small dollar purchases. BCTC adheres to KCTCS B.P. 4.2 Procurement Card.

A ProCard is a credit card which is issued to employees under an organization's name for purchasing small dollar items for official business. ProCard systems are designed with supporting internal controls to ensure proper accountability and control. These controls include limitations on: purchase amount, purchase types, and merchant codes as well as performing a detailed review and monitoring of purchases.

BCTC's ProCards may only be issued to permanent employees, preferably full-time employees. See link: Obtaining a ProCard for additional information.

ProCards may be used to purchase individual items costing $500 or less and each transaction total must be less than $5,000. See also Using a ProCard and Restrictions on Use.

BCTC issues 2 levels of ProCards: Level I and Level II. Level I cards contain the most restrictions on purchase types while Level II cards contain the least restrictions on purchase types. See link: ProCard Purchase Restrictions by Level for additional information.

Contact Information

Kim Dennis, ProCard Site Coordinator
(859) 246-6639