Acceptable purchases

Using a pro-card

Each employee who is authorized to use a ProCard is required to comply with the following prior to using the ProCard:

  1. Attend ProCard User Training
  2. Read Business Procedure 4.2
  3. Sign a ProCard User Agreement

When to Use a ProCard

  1. When purchasing items costing less than $500 each and where the total transaction amount is less than $5,000.
  2. When purchasing conference registrations. **
  3. When purchasing airline tickets. **

** Note: If traveling out-of-state or out-of-country, you must complete out-of-state / out-of-country travel authorization form and obtain proper signatures prior to making the charge on procard. This form must be attached to receipt for airfare / conference registration and be included with the ProCard statement on which the charges appear.

How to Use a ProCard

All forms are now located on the KCTCS Employee Intranet at KCTCS Forms.

  1. Before making the purchase you must:
    • Complete the proper purchasing document and obtain prior approval for the purchase. Check the budget being charged to ensure it is sufficient to cover the purchase.
    Upon making the purchase you must:
    • Provide the vendor with BCTC's sales tax exemption number.
      • Please contact Kim Dennis to obtain this information.
      • If the vendor requests a Tax Exemption Certificate, please contact Kimberly Dennis ( or Amy Spears ( and a certificate will be issued accordingly.
      • See also Best Practice - Sales Tax Refunds.
  2. After making the purchase you must:
    • Obtain proper supporting documentation. See examples of supporting documentation.
    • Attach supporting documentation to the BA8 or BA50.
    • Attach the BA8s and BA50s (with supporting documentation) to the monthly ProCard statement.
    • Obtain signatures on ProCard statement.
      • You must obtain your supervisor's signature and
      • Signature of budget authority being charged, if applicable.
    • Perform edits in ActivePay by due dates.

    Submit the monthly ProCard statement and attachments to the Kim Dennis by due dates.