Institutional Closing

alert icon BCTC campus and offices will be closed starting on December 16, 2017. We will reopen on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 with normal operating hours. Have a wonderful holiday and a great new year!

Pro-card quick reference

  1. Statement w/ signatures - Editor, Cardholder, & Supervisor
  2. Original invoice or stamped copy of invoice
  3. New BA8 attached to each transaction
  4. No sales tax charged
  5. Receipt includes bona fide business purpose
  6. If the purchase includes food, the proper forms must be attached (BA50) - see instructions.
  7. If the purchase is for airline tickets or registration fees, then a copy of the out-of-state travel authorization and agenda must be attached
  8. Submit an edit sheet every month - even when there are no purchases made
  9. No split purchases
  10. No donations or sponsorships
  11. No personal charges
  12. No single items (over $500)
  13. No employee hotel charges
  14. No printing transactions
  15. No gasoline purchases
  16. Paypal transactions are discouraged; however, if necessary the true vendor and purpose for charge must be documented
  17. Flowers - Please see BP 4.10
  18. No Gift Cards
  19. Car washes - School vehicles only. Vehicle ID # must be noted on receipt
  20. All items purchased must be shipped to college address
  21. Update cardholder agreements each year
  22. Cell phones paid on the procard must have the details of the calls attached
  23. Rental of Vehicles - including local travel, while on travel status or transporting of materials must have prior written approval from the college president/CEO or their designee.
  24. Update default account strings at the beginning of Fiscal Year
  25. Registration fees that include lodging must have prior approval before paying
  26. Meals require "sign in sheets", not just a list of attendees
  27. List of employees who have completed user training is in S Drive/All Departments/Procard