Cooper Mentors

Cooper Mentors

To schedule an appointment with any of the Peer Mentors please e-mail

Jacolby Gardner

Jacolby tutors chemistry, biology, english and reading. 
Fun Fact: Jacolby coached Lacrosse for seven years after high school.

Irving Reyes-Perez

Irving tutors anatomy and biology.
Fun Fact: Irving has a procrastination problem... but he's working on it!

Morgan Martin

Morgan tutors english, communications, reading and technology.
Fun Fact: Morgan's favorite animal is the squirrel. 

Shyan Stivers

Shyan tutors english, psychology, communications, reading and astronomy. 
Fun Fact: She has five siblings and they are all boys. 

Ndeye Thiaw

Ndeye tutors algebra, trigonometry, calculus 1, chemistry, biology and physics.
Fun Fact: Ndeye speaks three languages fluently.

Ruel Wodajo

Ruel tutors chemistry, biology, physics, english and reading.
Fun Fact: Ruel loves soccer!