Program Details

Program Details

Students enrolled in the BCTCblue+ program can take up to 12 credit hours or a maximum of four courses at UK and pay BCTC tuition rate. Students taking classes at UK through the program will also pay part-time student fees per credit hour. Some courses may also incur specific charges from the respective College. Students pay for their BCTC and UK bills separately.

The 12 credit hours (or four courses) must be spread out over the span of several semesters. The number of courses a student is able to take at UK in a given semester is based on earned and in-progress hours. Students with 15 earned and in-progress hours are eligible to take their first course at UK. Once students have at least 30 earned and in-progress hours, they are eligible to take a second course at UK. After 45 earned and in-progress hours, students can take their last two courses. If a student has 30 or more earned and in progress hours but has yet to take any classes at UK through BCTCblue+, he or she would be eligible to take two courses in the first semester of the program.

Students must never exceed the maximum of two courses at UK in any given semester through the BCTCblue+ program.

Students enrolled in the BCTCblue+ program are eligible to take courses at UK that are not offered at BCTC or online through KCTCS.

While enrolled in UK courses through the program, students are not eligible to take courses at UK above and beyond the BCTCblue+ courses.