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Whether you want to learn about the high-quality, customized training that BCTC Workforce Solutions can provide, or you need assistance identifying training or assessment needs and goals for your company, we can help. Contact us to find out more.

Workforce Solutions Main Office
(859) 246-6666

Workforce Solutions Staff

Dr. Erin Tipton, Associate Vice President for Workforce Solutions
(859) 246-6788

Scarlett Gillispie, Administrative Assistant 
(859) 246-6666

Katelynn Ralston, Administrative Assistant
(859) 246-6666

Jeanne Devers, Project Manager 
(859) 246-6253

Ted Nicholson, Project Manager 
(859) 246-6675

Dr. Deborah Davis, B-Cell Director
(859) 246-6451

Laura Fraebel, Project Coordinator 
(859) 246-6730 

Other Contact Information

For continuing education (CEUs) for professional licensure/relicensure or professional certification/recertification:

Donna Heath-Johnson
Project Manager 
(859) 246-6674

For apprenticeship information:

Gary W. Robinson
Apprenticeship Project Coordinator
(859) 246-6714 

Allan Robertson
(859) 246-6988 

For information on the North American Racing Academy:

Remi Bellocq, Executive Director, North American Racing Academy
(859) 246-6667