Contact Information

Pam Hatcher, Dean of Academics and Workforce Development
(859) 246-6788

Laura Lynch, Assistant Dean, Workforce Solutions
(859) 246-6583

Scarlett Gillispie, Administrative Assistant
(859) 246-6665

Becca Petry, Administrative Assistant
(859) 246-6208

For technical and/or soft skills training for your employees, contact:

Jeanne Devers
Project Manager
(859) 246-6253

Ted Nicholson
Project Manager
(859) 246-6675

Laura Fraebel
Project Coordinator
(859) 246-6730

For continuing education (CEUs) for professional licensure/relicensure or professional certification/recertification, contact:

Donna Heath-Johnson
Project Manager
(859) 246-6674

For Information on Internships, Co-ops and Placement, contact:

Laura Lynch
(859) 246-6583

All Other Inquiries:

Please contact the Office of Workforce Solutions at (859) 246-6666.