Course Descriptions

Communication Course Descriptions

COM 101

Introduction to Communications

An introduction to the process of communication as a critical element in human interaction and in society. Designed to enhance effective communication and informed use of the mass media.(fulfills social interaction requirement)

COM 181

Basic Public Speaking

A course designed to give the student platform experience in the fundamentals of effective speaking. (fulfills oral communication requirement)

COM 249

Mass Media, Mass Culture

Examines the interplay between the technology and content of the mass communications media and culture. (fulfills social interaction requirement)

COM 252

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Examines basic verbal and nonverbal elements affecting communication between individuals in family, peer group, and work contexts. Course requires participation in activities designed to develop interpersonal communication skills. Topics include: strategy development, relationship and conversation management, effective listening, conflict management, defensive communication, communication anxiety, cultural/sex differences in communication style. (fulfills oral communication requirement)

COM 254

Introduction to Intercultural Communication

An introduction to the topics of intercultural communication with an emphasis on the relationships between culture and communication, social/psychological variables, verbal/nonverbal language systems, intercultural communication perceptions, and conflict resolution. Contemporary issues in cross-cultural interaction, media representation, and daily social interactions will be practically applied to communication concepts. (fulfills social interaction requirement; fulfills oral cultural studies requirement)

COM 281

Communication in Small Groups

A study of communication processes in small group situations. Topics include conflict, leadership, and decision making. Students will participate in group discussions and develop skills in analyzing group performance. (fulfills oral communication requirement)

COM 287

Persuasive Speaking

A study of the processes involved in attitude change, with emphasis on the preparation and delivery of persuasive messages. (fulfills oral communication requirement)