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Study Abroad

Are you interested in studying in another county? We want to help get you there!

BCTC collaborates with the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) to assist interested students with studying abroad. Any BCTC student may apply for the study abroad opportunities this organization offers and/or the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship.

The students below have received assistance from BCTC to study abroad.

  • Brian Huesman - Japan - 2015 Gilman Scholarship
  • Jordan Taylor - Dominican Republic - 2016 Gilman Scholarship
  • Nathan Ogg - China - 2016 Gilman Scholarship
  • Jasmine Lofton - Spain - 2017 KIIS Scholarship
  • Jeffrey Ishmael - Japan - 2018 Gilman Scholarship

As these students will attest, studying abroad will change your perspective on yourself and the world, as you realize you're a member of a global community and part of the twenty-first century workforce.