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Transfer Information

Transfer InformationTransferring from one school to another a student who is maintaining valid F-1 status may transfer from one school to another by following the transfer procedures set forth in the regulations. All BCTC students who intend to pursue their bachelor degree will need to officially transfer to a four year school after completion of their course of study at BCTC. SEVIS procedures must be followed.

The transfer process does not require government adjudication. Rather, it is a notification process that takes place as an update event in SEVIS with the active participation of the student, the transfer out school and the transfer in school. The transfer in SEVIS requires the Designated School Official (DSO) to authorize at both the transfer out school and the transfer in school. The student must ask the new school for its Transfer Clearance Form. The student completes the student portion of the form and brings it to the DSO at the old school. The DSO will complete and verify that the student has been in status and eligible to transfer and the release date that the student will be transferred out in SEVIS. The new school can then issue the student a new I-20 from that school and will verify the transfer in SEVIS.

Basic Conditions of Eligibility for F-1 Transfer:

  • The student must be maintaining status at the current school.
  • The course of study at the new school must begin within 5 months of the end of the course of study at the old school or transfer out date.
  • The student must be eligible for an I-20 at the new school.
  • The proper transfer procedures must be followed in SEVIS.