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Why Community College?

Community colleges are an important sector of the U.S. higher education system. Today, more than 10 million students, about 40 percent of all undergraduate students, attend community colleges throughout the U.S.

Community colleges provide the first two years (Pre-Baccalaureate or Associate s degree) education leading to a bachelor s degree. The student is able to transfer the community college credits to a university and complete the bachelor s degree. This is called the 2 + 2 agreement.

Increasing numbers of international students are choosing to begin their higher education at community colleges. Enrollments have grown 32 percent over the past five years. Nearly 100,000 international students now attend community colleges in the U.S.

Reasons why international students select Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC)

Support for International Students

BCTC is committed to ensuring that its students succeed. It offers a comprehensive array of support services that include tutoring, advising, career planning, developmental courses, and counseling. The International Student Services Office provides cross-cultural programs, advising on immigration questions, issues, and other services to international students.

Transfer to 4-year College or university

The Kentucky State Council on Postsecondary Education institutes policies governing all state educational institutions. Bluegrass Community and Technical College graduates are eligible for acceptance when transferring to any of the Kentucky state universities. Most colleges and universities across the country will accept BCTC graduates.

Significant Savings in Tuition Fees

One of the major benefits of attending a community college is cost savings. BCTC s significantly lower tuition cost makes a quality education available. Costs are significantly lower than public and private four-year colleges and universities.

Wide Variety of Majors/Academic Programs

BCTC has a wide range of majors from which to choose. Many international students pursue programs in the fields of Business Management, Computer Science, Nursing and Health Sciences-related programs, everything from Architectural Technology to Equine Business Management.

Latest Technology

BCTC incorporates technology for use in assessment and instruction. Computer labs are plentiful and easily accessible. Labs offer state-of-the-art equipment and programs. BCTC has modern majors such as Digital Systems, Robotics, Electronics, Computer Programming, Networking, and Technology used in Architectural and Civil Engineering technical applications. Practical applications of medical and dental technologies are covered in a variety of Allied Health Programs.

Qualified and Accessible Faculty

The BCTC faculty member s primary responsibility is teaching, not research and publishing. These qualified faculty members are accessible to students through office hours for advising.

Small Class Size

The average class size at most community colleges is significantly smaller than at public four-year universities. This is an important aspect for international students who like small classes and individualized attention. The more personal atmosphere at community colleges allows international students a smoother transition and adjustment to academic life in the U.S.