Board of Directors Meeting December 4, 2019 | BCTC

Board of Directors Meeting December 4, 2019


Leestown Campus, M Building, Room 128, 6:00 p.m.


  1. Welcome/Introductions - Chair Ron Walker
  2. Swearing in of New Board Member - Pending
  3. Business Meeting
    1. Approval of Minutes, September 11, 2019 - Chair Ron Walker
  4. Information/Discussion
    1. President’s Report - Dr. Koffi Akakpo
    2. SACSCOC Reaccreditation Update - Dr. Greg Feeney
    3. Enrollment Report - Dr. Palisa Williams Rushin
    4. Budget Update, 2019-2020 - Lisa Bell
    5. Functional Area Updates
      • Advancement & Organizational Development - Mark Manuel
      • Student Development & Enrollment Management - Dr. Palisa Williams Rushin
  5. Announcements - Chair Ron Walker
  6. Adjourn - Chair Ron Walker


Approved by the BCTC Board of Directors on 03/04/2020

  • BCTC Board of Directors, Chair: Ron Walker Jr.
  • BCTC Board of Directors, Secretary: Dr. Joshua Hoekstra

Members Present

  • Pamela Brough
  • Dr. Joshua Hoekstra, Secretary
  • Dr. Brian Houillion
  • Florence Huffman
  • Robert McNulty
  • Marissa Smith
  • Seth Spears
  • S. Dudley Taylor
  • Theodore Vittos
  • Olivia Johnson Schulz
  • Ron Walker, Jr., Chair



Others Present

  • Dr. Koffi Akakpo
  • Lisa Bell
  • Tammy Liles
  • Mark Manuel
  • Dr. Laurel Martin
  • Dr. Karen Mayo
  • Dr. Palisa Williams Rushin
  • Dr. Rebecca Simms
  • Michelle Sjogren
  • Cindy Tucker
  • Melanie Williamson

I. Welcome/Introductions

Chair Ron Walker called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm. The members were welcomed and thanked for attending this meeting. All in attendance went around the room and introduced themselves.

II. Swearing in of New Board Member

Olivia Johnson Schulz was sworn in as a new board member by Chair, Ron Walker, Jr.

III. Business Meeting

Minutes from the September 11, 2019, Board of Directors meeting were presented for approval. A motion was made by Florence Huffman to approve the minutes, Mr. Bob McNulty seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

IV. Information/Discussion

Dr. Koffi Akakpo stated that BCTC has had an excellent year. Enrollment totals have increase 6.5% compared to last year. Cooper Campus has seen the largest high school attendance. Leestown Campus has opened the Heart of BCTC to help students in need of items such as clothing, food, toiletries. Georgetown Campus enrollment has increased by 57%. Winchester Campus has started the Hemp Program.

Dr. Koffi Akakpo commended staff on the SACS visit earlier in September. It was stated that there were four issues that were discussed and three of those issues were basic housekeeping.

Dr. Palisa Williams Rushin passed out the enrollment report to all present.

  • Georgetown Campus enrollment is up 57.4%
  • Cooper Campus enrollment is down 10%
  • Newtown Campus enrollment is up 10%
  • Leestown Campus enrollment is up 12%
  • Lawrenceburg Campus enrollment is up 5.9%
  • Winchester Campus enrollment is up 20%
  • Dual credit enrollment is up 23%

Spring enrollment as of December 1 enrollment is up 3.9%.

Adjunct staff were discussed. It was stated that system office is supportive of raises. BCTC bookstore revenue is approximately $150,000. Discussion of having a bookstore pick up on the Newtown Campus. Advertising will increase for this project. Ms. Bell will show the rendering at the March 2020 meeting.

Dr. Akakpo has encouraged faculty and staff to increase enrollment to 12,000. Dr. Akakpo also stated that he would like to offer complete online classes in 2020.

The fiscal year 2019 is now closed. There was a net operating loss of $3.9 million dollars. BCTC has two fund accounts, they are Fund 01 and Fund 05. The current balance is $13,279,000. BCTC allocates 1.5 million dollars for general funds, a $500,000 stipend is allocated, KERS is $445,000 – which is a spendable balance of $10.8 million.

The following items have been marked as Capital Strategic Needs:

  • Newtown North Building Renovations: $4,900,000
  • Administration: $5,000,000

Dr. Gregory Feeney, Academics & Workforce Development stated that Workforce Development received $651,000 in funding in working with colleges and industry. The dual credit program continues to grow. SACS has approved BCTC sites to teach robotics. The Danville Campus has an expedited nursing program and are finishing up their first year in this program. Winchester Campus has been working with the Hemp program and this program is going well. BCTC received the Cyber Security Award, this is a federal recognition, only four colleges in Kentucky have received this award and BCTC is the first community college to receive this award. Jessamine County High School has started a Diesel Program. This program enrollment was at capacity the first semester. BCTC now has online tutoring that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. BCTC is now targeting low success rates and placing tutors in classes. BCTC has offered Nine classes for the first Winter Session. The target for the winter session is local and visiting students. The Department of Criminal Justice has expanded due to local need.

Ron Walker, Jr., Chair stated that Good Giving started yesterday. Laurel Martin passed out envelopes. Dr. Laurel Martin has established two new scholarships for the college. The total amount was $90,000. This donation was secured by Erin Howard and Dr. Akakpo.

Dr. Martin stated that the Good Giving Program is focusing on three targeted groups. This fundraiser runs through December 9th.

Alumni – The first day netted approximately $9,500
Winchester Campus is participating in Good Giving challenges
College and Foundation Board solicitation- the goal is 100% giving to show the community that board members believe in the mission of the college.

Ron Walker, Jr., Chair, encouraged the College Board of Directors to consider donating.

Ms. Lisa Bell, Finance & Operations/IT reported that IT has updated their internet speed. This was a huge project and is now complete. BCTC has gone to a new software program, One Drive. BCTC was currently paying for this program through KCTCS. Office 365 and Windows 10 computers have all been updated. BCTC has placed approximately 265 new computers throughout the campuses. Ms. Bell also reported that the employees were reimbursed that parked at Cooper campus that met the outlined criteria.

V. Announcements

Ron Walker Jr., Chair thanked S. Dudley Taylor for his dedication to Bluegrass Community and Technical College. S. Dudley Taylor received a plaque in recognition of his service on the Board.

VI. Adjourn

At 6:15 pm, with no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.
The next regularly scheduled meeting of the board will be held on Wednesday, March 4, 2020.