Board of Directors Meeting March 4, 2020 | BCTC

Board of Directors Meeting March 4, 2020


Leestown Campus, M Building, Room 128, 6:00 p.m. EST


  1. Welcome/Introductions - Chair Ron Walker
  2. Swearing in of New Board Member - Chair Ron Walker
  3. Business Meeting
    1. Approval of Minutes, December 4, 2019 - Chair Ron Walker
  4. Information/Discussion
    1. President's Report - Dr. Koffi Akakpo
    2. Enrollment Report - Dr. Palisa Williams Rushin
    3. Budget Update, 2019-2020 - Lisa Bell
    4. Workforce Solutions/Apprenticeship Overview - Pam Hatcher
    5. Weekend Employment Readiness for Kentucky (WERK) Overview - Rebecca Simms
    6. Functional Area Updates
      • Advancement & Organizational Development - Mark Manuel
      • Student Development & Enrollment Management - Dr. Palisa Williams Rushin
  5. Announcements - Chair Ron Walker
  6. Adjourn - Chair Ron Walker


Approved by the BCTC Board of Directors on 06/03/2020

  • BCTC Board of Directors, Chair: Ron Walker Jr.
  • BCTC Board of Directors, Secretary: Dr. Joshua Hoekstra

Members Present

  • Joshua Hoekstra
  • Ted Vittos
  • Tom Stephens
  • Bob McNulty
  • Florence Huffman
  • Marissa Smith
  • Olivia Scholz
  • Seth Spears

Members Absent

  • Brian Houillion
  • Ron Walker, Jr.


  • Pam Hatcher
  • Rebecca Simms

I. Welcome/Introductions - Acting-Chair, Bob McNulty

Bob McNulty called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm

Bob McNulty requested a moment of silence to remember Jake Gibbs, Lexington Councilman who passed away earlier in the week.

II. Swearing in of New Board - Member Acting-Chair, Bob McNulty

Bob McNulty swore in BCTC's new Board Member, Tom Stephens.

III. Business Meeting

Mr. Spears conducted an informal survey with students, some faculty and staff and shared the results.

  • Tuition: Students expressed concerns about costs related to continuing their education at BCTC. Seth Spears reported that Dr. Akakpo has been working on this diligently.

    Dr. Akakpo stated that he recently resized the Scholarship Committee for faster service to students.

  • Transfer tuition: It was stated that Student Government Association (SGA) is reviewing transfer tuition further.

  • Students would like increased funding for student organizations.

  • Some faculty shared there are too many responsibilities unrelated to teaching students. Dr. Feeney stated that faculty can opt out of advising. This has been an option for approximately three years. At Dr. Akakpo's direction, Dr. Feeney created a faculty taskforce charged with providing a load recommendation.

  • Some adjunct faculty do not feel supported for the amount of work they do. Dr. Feeney stated that the taskforce is reviewing this as well. He also noted that BCTC pays the second highest rate for adjunct teachers among KCTCS colleges.

  • Some staff members employed at BCTC for an extended amount of time are paid the same as new employees. Therefore, they do not feel appreciated. Dr. Akakpo stated that BCTC is working on some solutions.

  • A recommendation was made by Mr. Spears to have a full-time position in the HEART of BCTC pantry. Dr. Akakpo stated that this would be ideal for this program but will need to find funds for this position.

  • Some staff feel they cannot serve students to the best of their abilities due to the implementation of the “Students First” philosophy. Dr. Akakpo stated that the Students First philosophy will take time to adopt but this philosophy is critical to student success.

The December 4, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting minutes were reviewed and Josh Hoekstra motioned to approve and it was seconded by Marissa Smith. Motioned approved.

IV. Information/Discussion

Pam Hatcher gave an overview of Workforce Solutions. Workforce Solutions is one of Central Kentucky's largest providers of workforce education and training, providing a comprehensive approach to customizable training, which can be delivered onsite, online or at one of our campuses. This program also provides continuing education and workforce assessments that, along with customizable training options, addresses the needs of individuals, businesses and organizations in the Bluegrass Region. The program currently has over 35 training projects. Last year Workforce Solutions served 440 companies and approximately 3,000 individuals. The goal is to exceed these numbers in 2020. One great example of a successful Workforce Solutions program is North American Racing Academy (NARA) that offers a Basic Handicapping 101 program.

Weekend Employment Readiness for Kentucky (WERK) will provide weekend classes for homeless or under housed students at BCTC's Leestown Campus. Courses will include:

  • Construction Helper
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Welder Helper

Wrap around social services, such as housing, food, transportation, and childcare will be provided by partnering community agencies. Academic supports such as tutoring, library, and computer labs will be provided to support student success. The Business Office, Financial Aid Office and advising will also be available on WERK class days so students can have easy access to these services. Additionally, breakfast, lunch, and childcare will be provided on class days for children of WERK students.


This program will provide apprenticeship opportunities to high school students in 9-12th grades.

Dr. Akakpo reported:

  • Last Fall 10.14% of BCTC students had or were currently experiencing homelessness, 43% had transportation issues and 43% experiencing some childcare or care issues.
  • SACS reaccreditation response document was submitted last month. He commended Dr. Feeney and all the staff for their hard work in providing an exemplary document.
  • This is the budget year for the state. Dr. Akakpo, the college team along with KCTCS representatives have been in Frankfort several times during this legislative session, and they have been assured by legislators that there will be no cuts this year.
  • Danville Campus construction project (AMC) is going well. Newtown Campus construction project (the Den) should see some movement within the next month.

Dr. Rushin reported:

  • Spring enrollment is up 6.3%.
    • Fall to fall retention for minority students is up from 43% to 50%, due to empowerment programs such as ASPIRE scholarships for African American students, A Few Good Men and Becoming Her, as well as academic coaches and advisors assigned to these students.

Lisa Bell directed the board's attention to the budget narrative included in their informational packet and asked if there were any questions. With no questions, Ms. Bell reviewed, for the benefit of the new board members, the budget reports included in the quarterly board information packet. The budget report includes 1) Comparative Budget Summary for the last five fiscal years, 2) Current fiscal year Revenue Summary and 3) Current fiscal year Expenditures Summary. Ms. Bell noted that BCTC prepares a fiscally conservative budget.

This conservative approach to budgeting has enabled the college to create a healthy fund balance which will be used to continue capital projects.

Ms. Bell reminded the Board that budget development for Fiscal Year 2021 was underway even though there were still many unknown variables such as the student tuition rate, performance funding results, an approved state budget, etc. She noted that the budget development process begins with broad input from the college regarding budgetary needs. Budget requests are gathered at the departmental level and brought forward to the Leadership Executive Team for discussion and approval. The college will be seeking approval from the board in June to submit the budget to the System Office for inclusion in the KCTCS budget to be approved by the KCTCS Board of Regents.

Mr. Manuel reported:

  • BCTC staff, students and business partners made several visits to Frankfort this year to meet with legislators.
  • BCTC hired a full-time grant writer who has already written eleven grants nine of which have been funded.

Dr. Rushin reported:

  • BCTC held its first Martin Luther King Jr. on-campus celebration. There were 168 attendees for this event, and three community organizations were recognized for donations.
  • The Helping Everyone Attain Resources Together (HEART) of BCTC program is open two days a week. Her team is establishing a partnership with God's Pantry to supply food.

V. Announcements - Acting Chair, Bob McNulty

Bob McNulty entertained nominations for Vice Chair. Florence Huffman recommended Bob McNulty for the Vice Chair position. Bob McNulty was unanimously accepted by all members present.

VI. Adjourn - Acting Chair, Bob McNulty

Bob McNulty, Acting Chair, adjourned the meeting at 7:51 p.m.