Board of Directors Meeting June 2, 2021 | BCTC

Board of Directors Meeting June 2, 2021



  1. Welcome/Introductions - Ron Walker, Board Chair
  2. Business Meeting
    1. Approval of Minutes, March 4, 2020 - Ron Walker, Board Chair
    2. Outgoing/Incoming Student Representatives - Ron Walker, Board Chair
    3. Budget Committee Report - Marissa Smith
      • Approval of 2021-2022 Budget
    4. President’s Evaluation Update - Ron Walker, Board Chair
  3. Information/Discussion
    1. Facilities Planning & Capital Construction Update - Lisa Bell
    2. 2022-2028 Strategic Plan Update - Aaron Gay
    3. Guided Pathways Update - Dr. Karen Mayo
    4. President’s Report - Dr. Koffi Akakpo
    5. Budget Update, 2020-2021 - Lisa Bell
    6. Enrollment Report - Dr. Greg Feeney
    7. Foundation Report - Mark Manuel
    8. Functional Area Updates
      • Finance & Operations - Lisa Bell
      • Academics & Workforce Development - Dr. Greg Feeney
  4. Announcements/Executive Session - Ron Walker, Board Chair
  5. Adjourn - Ron Walker, Board Chair


Approved by the BCTC Board of Directors on 09/01/2021

  • BCTC Board of Directors, Chair: Ron Walker Jr.
  • BCTC Board of Directors, Secretary: Dr. Joshua Hoekstra

Members Present

  • Ron Walker
  • Joshua Hoekstra
  • Bob McNulty
  • Tom Stephens
  • Marissa Smith
  • Florence Huffman
  • Gbili Ntambidila
  • Laura Hood
  • Ted Vittos
  • Olivia Johnson Scholz

Members Absent

  • None

Others Present

  • Koffi Akakpo
  • Lisa Bell
  • Mark Manuel
  • Greg Feeney
  • Ross Johnson
  • Michelle Sjogren
  • Karen Mayo
  • Wendy Bolt
  • Aaron Gay
  • Wayne Cowan

I. Welcome/Introductions - Board Chair, Ron Walker

Chairman Ron Walker called the June 2, 2021 meeting of the Bluegrass Community and Technical College to order at 6:01 pm.  Mr. Walker asked all present to introduce themselves to determine which members were present.  Quorum was achieved.

II. Business Meeting

Mr. Walker called for a motion to approve the board meeting minutes from March 3, 2021.  Mr. Bob McNulty made a motion to approve, Mr. Josh Hoekstra seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Walker welcomed Ms. Laura Hood as incoming SGA Student Representative.  Ms. Hood was sworn in as a BCTC board member.

Mr. Gbili Ntambidila (Simon) was thanked and given a service award on behalf of the BCTC Board of Directors for his service.

Ms. Smith reported that the Budget Committee met to review the fiscal year ended 6/30/2022 budget. Ms. Bell, Vice President of Finance and Operations, presented a detailed overview including the following highlights:

  • Zero student tuition rate increases*
  • Budgeted HEERF (Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund) grant funding
  • Additional Performance Funding allocation of state appropriation
  • Additional capital project funding for Newtown North
  • Possible non-recurring employee compensation adjustments ($2,000 or 2%) *

*Tuition and employee compensation are set by the KCTCS Board of Regents

Ms. Smith reported that the committee has thoughtfully considered the information presented and recommends to the board that the budget be approved as presented for submission to the KCTCS Board of Regents for inclusion in the KCTCS budget package.

Ms. Olivia Johnson Scholz made a motion to accept the budget committee report. Ms. Florence Huffman seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The President Evaluation Committee met on May 12, 2021 to discuss Dr. Akakpo’s performance evaluation. KCTCS received the report on May 20, 2021.

III. Information/Discussion

Mr. Cowan presented a PowerPoint presentation to the BCTC board and staff.

Newtown Campus Signage and Wayfinding

  • Added 400 parking spaces
  • Monumental signs have been added to the entrances
  • Traffic and safety enhancements

The Den – Renovation and Addition

  • Historic laundry facility renovation and addition – 19,800 square feet
  • Construction began May 11, 2022
  • Student Intake Services facility providing the following services:
    • Admissions
    • Financial Aid
    • Advising and Assessment
    • Registrar
    • Bursar
    • Barnes & Noble Bookstore/Grab & Go
  • Completion and Occupancy – August 2021

Advanced Manufacturing Facility – Danville Campus

  • New Addition to the existing building – 15,000 square feet
  • Construction began October 11, 2019
  • Advanced Manufacturing Labs and Classrooms:
    • Robotics
    • Industrial and Mechanical Drive Systems
    • Rotating Machines and Transformers
    • Fluid Power Pneumatics
    • PLC 1 & 2
    • Basic Electric
  • Completion March 2021 – Open for classes – Fall 2021

Additional Capital Projects

  • Newtown North Campus development/renovation project
  • Newtown Campus signage/wayfinding project
  • Newtown Campus SEC Building – Classrooms and Office additions
  • All campuses – ionization units and filter upgrades to all buildings
  • Leestown Campus C Building - roof replacement
  • Leestown Campus B Building – Orthotics & Prosthetics Renovation
  • Lawrenceburg Campus - Fiber backbone renovation
  • Lawrenceburg Campus - Computer classroom and public areas furniture.
Capital Strategic Needs – Fiscal Year 2022-2028​
Project Request Amount Biennium Requested
Newtown Campus Phase 2B $122,800,000 2022-2024

Newtown North Campus Renovation And Development

$9,900,000 2022-2024

Newtown Campus Administration Building Renovation

$5,100,000 2022-2024

Georgetown Campus Building #2

$11,900,000 2024-2026

Danville Campus Building #2

$18,200,000 2026-2028

Winchester Campus Building #2

$41,900,000 2026-2028

Equine Training Program Facility

$6,600,000 2026-2028


Mr. Gay presented the Strategic Plan 2022-2026.  He noted the change from 2022-2028 to 2022-2026.  This is to align with System Office CPD.

Process and Timeline

  • March 2021
    • Meet with LET to formalize the Strategic Plan Development Process and Timeline.
  • April 2021
    • Present to the entire campus community explaining Strategic Plan Development, Process, and Timeline.  Solicit feedback.
  • May 2021
    • IPRE generates the Trends and Forces Report based on the feedback from faculty, staff, and students open forums.
    • IPRE presents the report to LET.
    • 2022-2026 Strategic Plan Steering Committee meets to review the Trends and Forces Report and are tasked with brainstorming to develop Strategic Initiatives
  • May 2021-July 2021
    • Dr. Akakpo or VP meets with Regional Campus community members to gather input.
    • Update BCTC Board of Directors regarding progress on the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan.
  • August 2021
    • KCTCS – Strategic Planning Online Survey
    • Values survey conducted online for student input (BCTC).
    • Update campus community on progress during Fall Kickoff
    • Listening tour by new KCTCS President
  • October 2021
    • 2022-2026 Strategic Plan Steering Committee Retreat (Review to alter goals and draft potential objectives and measures).
  • November 2021
    • CPE is expected to complete their plan during this month.
  • January 2022
    • KCTCS expects to complete final tactics, strategies, and metrics along with an action plan.
    • BCTC 2022-2026 Steering Committee will meet to review KCTCS documentation and determine alterations that need to be made to the BCTC goals, objectives, and measures.
  • February 2022
    • Approval of the KCTCS plan by PLT.
  • March 2022-April 2022
    • Approval by KCTCS Board of Regents at March or June Meeting.
    • APT Strategic Plan update for campus community.
  • May 2022
    • KCTCS provides Strategic Plan and any associated action plans to the colleges.
    • BCTC 2022-2026 Steering Committee Retreat
    • Finalize Strategic Initiatives (goals)
    • Finalize Objectives and Measures.
    • LET drafts Annual Priorities
    • Present BCTC 2022-2026 Strategic Plan to the campus community to solicit feedback.
  • June 2022
    • 2022-2026 Strategic Plan presented to the BCTC Board of Directors.
    • BCTC 2022-2026 Strategic Plan submitted to KCTCS Board of Regents for approval.

The faculty/staff input for Trends and Forces Report will include:

  • Market
  • Performance
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Competitors
  • Industry
  • Political/Legislative

The 2022-2026 Strategic Plan Development Committees include:

  • Steering Committee
  • Academics and Workforce Subcommittee
  • Advancement and Organizational Development Subcommittee
  • Finance and Operations Subcommittee

Dr. Karen Mayo gave a presentation of the Guided Pathways Model.  This model is an institution-wide approach to student success that guides students from entry to completion of credentials.  The model provides a framework to simplify, clarify, and guide students in an easy to follow and understandable approach to structure student choices.

4 Dimensions of the Pathways Model include:

  • Mapping pathways to student end goals.
  • Helping students choose and enter a program pathway.
  • Keeping students on a path.
  • Ensuring that students are learning.

Update on Guided Pathways work at BCTC:

  • Updated all certificate, diploma, and degree program plans.
  • Established systematic process for future program plan updates.
  • Identified 8 areas of focus with feedback from faculty and staff.
    • Health Sciences
    • STEM
    • Business
    • Industry, Manufacturing, Trades, and Equine
    • First Responders, Public Safety, and Services
    • Arts, Humanities, and Communication
    • Social and Behavioral Sciences
    • Education
  • Categorized programs of study under each of the 8 areas of focus. (Career Pathways)
  • Presented 8 areas of focus (Career Pathways) to faculty, staff, students, and high school and community partners.
    • Provided opportunity for feedback
    • Analyzed feedback
  • Professional staff advisors are assigned to a career pathway.
  • Exploring institutions that have implemented Guided Pathways to determine best practices.
  • Mapping science and math courses required for each career pathway.
  • Identifying a first semester recommended schedule for each career pathway for undecided students who select that that pathway.

Summer 2021

  • Continue review of best practices.
  • Website
    • Organize and post guided pathways content.
    • High school pathways, BCTC pathways, transfer pathways
  • Identify plans for addressing additional 4 pillars of guided pathways.
    • Mapping pathways to student end goals
    • Helping students choose and enter a program pathway
    • Keeping students on a path
    • Ensuring that students are learning.
  • Training
    • Identify and plan for training and professional development.
  • Fall 2021
    • Guided Pathways Task Force continues work.

Dr. Mayo briefly discussed the High School, BCTC and Transfer Pathways.

Dr. Akakpo began his report by thanking the faculty, staff, and students for being resilient during the pandemic.

He reported that the number of credentialed students increased by 22% despite the pandemic.

The following student retention rate information was reported:

  • Overall retention Fall 2018-2019 48%
  • Overall retention Fall 2019-2020 48.2%
  • As of now, the Spring retention rate is down 6.3%

The full-time retention rate from Fall 2018 to Fall 2019 was 56%

The full-time retention rate from Fall 2019 to Fall 2020 went down .2%

BCTC saw an increase in part-time student enrollment:

  • 2018-2019 41.4%
  • 2020-2021 44.6%

Dr. Akakpo reported that Dr. Mayo and Dr. Bolt are currently working on developing a plan to increase fall to spring retention. 

The numbers are as follows:

  • Fall 2019 to Spring 2020 73%
  • Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 68.8%

He reported that the spring to fall student retention has increased and hopes this trend continues.

The numbers are as follows:

  • Spring 2019 to Fall  2020  56%
  • Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 57.8%

Dr. Akakpo also shared the number of males and females enrolled at BCTC:

  • Fall 2019 59% female
  • Fall 2019 40% male
  • Fall 2020  59.7% female
  • Fall 2020 38.8% male

Even though it is still too soon, the current year-to-date numbers for fall 2021 are as follows:

  • Fall 2021 65.9% female
  • Fall 2021 32% male

Dr. Akakpo stated that BCTC will create a plan to target the male population at BCTC.

The number of African American enrollment is as follows:

  • Fall 2019 12.4% African American
  • Fall 2020 12.2% African American

Dr. Akakpo informed the Board that he is planning a retreat with major members of BCTC to work with data from IPRE to set measurable goals.

Additional data will be collected and reviewed regarding part-time students.

Dr. Akakpo reported that BCTC staff will return to campus July 1, 2021 and faculty will return August 2, 2021. He stated that faculty and staff with underlying health concerns will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. BCTC’s Healthy at Work Officer will be monitoring COVID-19 guidelines.  Dr. Akakpo stated that because BCTC is a community college, all jobs are interconnected and being on campus is important.  

BCTC is partnering with Commerce Lexington to plan an event for the Georgetown Street students to encourage students to attend school.  The first event is scheduled for July 13, 2021. 

BCTC’s Fall Kickoff will be August 6, 2021.  The Kickoff’s theme will be Resilience. 

Ms. Bell reported that the summer revenue is over budget by $237,000 as of today. This does include deferred revenue entries. She stated this is a tremendous budget success and hopefully will continue in the fall.

Ms. Bell brought to the attention of the board a change in FY20/21 State Appropriations Budget as compared to the March 2021 report. The budget change is due to the HEERF II, CRRSAA (Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriation Act) grant allowing college reimbursement of lost revenue. 

Ms. Bell reported that the bookstore commission is $349,270, which exceeded the budgeted amount.

Chair Walker asked about BCTC’s bad debt expense. It was reported that the governor suspended the department of revenue collections which will impact our bad debt expense. BCTC used institutional CRRSAA grant funds to pay off all outstanding student accounts receivable (debt) for the four COVID semesters spring, summer and fall of 2020 and spring of 2021, approximately 2,600 student accounts totaling $2,345,702. BCTC advising staff will be contacting these students to notify them of the debt pay off and discuss their educational goals.

Dr. Akakpo stated that BCTC will be meeting with state legislators to discuss with them the funds received by BCTC.

Dr. Feeney presented the following enrollment numbers:

Bluegrass Community and Technical College Enrollment by Academic Year
Term 2019-2020 2020-20212  
Fall Enrollment 10,144 10,172 Up 28 students
Spring Enrollment 9,452 8,837 Down 615 students
Academic Year Enrollment 14,144 13,717 Down 427
Summer Enrollment1 3,552 2,818 Down 734
Total Credentials 4,484 5,668 Up 1184
Individuals Receiving Credentials 2,586 3,164 Up 578

1Summer terms included are SU20 and SU21 respectively.
2Figures for 2020-2021 taken from unofficial data.
Source: CPE Official Data (2019-2020); DSS/KCTCS Unofficial Data (2020-2021) 
Office of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness

Comparison Dates Fall 2021 Fall 2020 %Change
≈ May 1st  3,073 3,010 2.1%
≈ May 15th 3,780 3,765 0.4%
≈ June 1st 4,276 4,357 -1.9%
≈ June 15th   4,967  
≈ July 1st   5,771  
≈ July 15th   6,364  

The following are initiatives to increase enrollment:

  • The Office of Admissions conducting a ReUnite Campaign.  This campaign will reach out to students who have stopped out after the fall 2019 semester. Approximately 1,212 students will be contacted to offer the ReUnite Scholarship which pays for one free summer course, using CRRSAA funds.  The student must also register for the fall semester.  We also have 22 staff members that will be reaching out to students to ensure that they received the email regarding their account pay off and to assist them in whatever necessary.
  • Postcards will be sent to 11,855 students enrolled for fall 2020 and spring 2021 who are not currently enrolled for fall 2021.
  • The spring 2021 students that have not yet enrolled in fall 2021 will be contacted.
  • Based on current numbers, it is anticipated we will need to register 66 students per day to match the fall 2020 enrollment numbers.


  • As of today, 86 students have been awarded $271,359.00 in scholarships.  This process will continue all summer.
  • New Scholarships:
    • Hockensmith Scholarship - $10,000.00
    • Anonymous staff donation of $10,000.00 for WERK program
    • John and Sandra Deaton Fund (BCF) $4000 annually
    • Shelia Murphy Memorial Scholarship
    • Melissa Arnette Memorial Scholarship


  • $2.5MM (Budget $2.9MM)
    • State mandated
    • CEO waivers
    • Dual Credit waivers
    • Others


    • Cliff Todd Endowment Grant from JustFundKY ($2k)
    • Catalent Pharma Solutions ($6.5k)
  • BCTC
    • Google Computer Science Education Research Award ($39k)
    • CPE summer bridge academy funding ($99,999.61)
    • HEERF III Institutional Award ($9,378,376)
    • HEERF III Student Aid Award ($10,222,500)

Alumni Giving

  • A survey of Alumni is being conducted to explore what types of information they want to see and how they want to connect back to the college
  • 2021 graduates received car window clings and an invitation to sign up on line.  If they connect with the foundation, they receive a BCTC Alumni shirt. 

New Foundation Board Directors

  • 3 new Directors representing Winchester/Clark County
  • 1 new Director representing Lexington
  • 1 new Director representing Lawrenceburg/Anderson County

Mr. Manuel and Chair Walker stressed the importance of 100% giving among board members when applying for grants and approaching donors.  Board Members were encouraged to donate to BCTC.

Budget Department 

  • FYE (Fiscal Year Ended) 6/30/2022 Budget developed.
  • Assisting with HEERF budget management and reporting – quarterly and annual reports for state and federal agencies. 

Bursar’s Office

  • Identified all outstanding student accounts receivable (debt) related to the four COVID 19 pandemic semesters, posted grant funds to satisfy the student debt, and notified the student and the advising office of the debt pay off (approximately 2,600 student accounts totaling $2,345,702).
  • Completed 5th straight year of 99% accuracy rating for deposits valued at over $5.5 million while providing in-person services (3 Lexington campuses) within CDC Guidelines, as well as remote & virtual assistance to students, faculty, and staff. 

Business Services

  • Compiling and tracking documentation and chart strings for all HEERF grant funds (CARES and CRRSAA).
  • Pandemic Response - provided purchasing and equipment inventory services to purchase items/services needed for students and faculty to provide for social distancing and remote learning.
  • Provided inventory tracking of distribution of used computers to students as well as tracking of newly purchased IT equipment. 

Information Technology

  • Implemented SmartView support center for ITS and Strategic Communications work order assistance requests.
  • Moved all BCTC cellular users to AT&T FirstNet taking advantage of band 14 emergency service.
  • Implemented cellular signal booster upgrades within BCTC dwellings to improve cell coverage.
  • Work has begun to upgrade the Lawrenceburg IT infrastructure with CAT 6 wiring and single-mode fiber optic cabling.
  • Continued the student laptop computer loaner program and distribution of surplus desktop computers to students.
  • Installed all new technology equipment purchased with the HEERF grants.


  • All things COVID-19 pandemic Healthy @ Work  
  • BCTC received state grant funding of just under $100,000 for BCTC Summer Success Academies.  Between June 7 and August 4, 6 week-long academies, accommodating 300 students, to address the needs of underprepared under-represented minorities (URM) and Low-Income (LI) students impacted by COVID, focusing on 2021 high school graduates and current college students who graduated high school in 2020.

In addition to college orientation and readiness skills, social and emotional resources, and intrusive advising and peer-mentoring to support success in a college environment, each academy will focus on developing an academic skill set to increase college-readiness: English language learning (ELL) Academy will improve the English language skills of immigrant students and non-native English speaking students, Reading and English (RDG/ENG) Academy will improve cross-disciplinary reading and essential writing skills, and the Math (MAT) Academy will address numeracy and basic algebra skills. 

Using funds from the grant, we will increase support students via access to personnel, incentives, resources, and direct financial support, with continued follow-up and cohort support in Fall 2021, at no cost to the student. 

  • BCTC was awarded $39,000 from the Google Computer Science Education Research program. These funds will be used to accomplish 3 objectives:
    • Understand the decision-making processes of high school students with respect to computer science, computer information technologies, and computer engineering technology.
    • Increase recruitment of under-represented minorities and women in college courses comprising the CET AAS degree.
    • Improve retention of these students.
  • Through an open search process, Dr. Erin Tipton was named BCTC’s new Associate Vice President of Workforce Solutions.  Dr. Tipton received her doctorate from UK. She most recently worked for the KCTCS system office as the Director of Technical Programs, Economic and Workforce Development in the Chancellor’s Office. From 2002 – 2019 she worked at BCTC, for 10 years as the Campus Director for our Danville Campus.  In that role, she was largely responsible for the community funding for our new Advanced Manufacturing Center on our Danville Campus. She joins us with hands-on experience in credit for prior learning, apprenticeships, curriculum development, alignment of technical programs with employer needs, grants, KY FAME, and the KY Association of Manufacturers.
  • BCTC hired our first Director of Global Learning, Erin Howard.  Among many activities and programming, this role will provide centralized support for:
    1. The creation of new international opportunities for student, faculty, and administrators.
    2. Academic linkages with colleges, institutions, and individuals abroad to promote faculty and student development.
    3. Enhancing global awareness through cultural, educational, and experiential activities.
    4. Workforce related opportunities and pathways for immigrant/refugee students.
    5. Collaborations with language curriculum faculty.
    6. International student recruitment and support services.
  • Programs
    1. Our Orthotics and Prosthetics program will have its first cohort this fall.
    2. We our presenting an AAS in Cybersecurity to the KCTCS Board of Regents next week.  There is one other KCTCS college presenting on the same program.  If approved, ours will be the first in KCTCS.
    3. Our partnership with the UK College of Engineering is moving forward.  Currently waiting for SACS approval.  Toyota is funding 5 full scholarships for this program, with priority going to women, and/or people who identify as Native-American, African American, Black, LatinX, non-binary or LGBTQ+.
  • Dual credit successes:
    1. In the last 10 years, we have had 22.064 dual credit.
    2. In this time, 13 dual credit students earned an Associate Degree before they graduated high school.
    3. 10 of those 13 happened this year.
    4. This is a result of our increased work with high schools.
    5. This provides substantial savings to students. 

IV. Announcements/Executive Session - Board Chair, Ron Walker

Chair Walker commended faculty, staff, and students on the 2021 BCTC graduation.

Chair Walker called for a motion to enter Executive Session at 8:01 pm.  Mr. Bob McNulty made a motion that was seconded by Mr. Josh Hoekstra.

V. Adjourn - Board Chair, Ron Walker

Executive Session ended at 8:31 pm.