Board of Directors Meeting December 1, 2021 | BCTC

Board of Directors Meeting December 1, 2021


Leestown Conference Center C-136, 6:00 p.m.


  1. Welcome/Introductions - Ron Walker, Board Chair
  2. Business Meeting
    1. Approval of Minutes, September 2, 2021 - Ron Walker, Board Chair
    2. Swearing In of New Board Member - Ron Walker, Board Chair
  3. Information/Discussion
    1. President's Report - Dr. Koffi Akakpo
    2. Budget & Financial Review - Lisa Bell
    3. Enrollment Report - Dr. Greg Feeney
    4. Foundation Report - Mark Manuel
    5. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Report - Dr. Carlous Yates
    6. Legislative Update - JoEllen Reed
  4. Announcements/Executive Session - Ron Walker, Board Chair
  5. Adjourn - Dinner with Foundation Board - Ron Walker, Board Chair


Directors Present

  • Ron Walker (Chair)
  • Dr. Koffi Akakpo
  • Laura Hood
  • Sannie Overly
  • Bob McNulty
  • Katelyn Collins

Directors Present Virtually

  • Dr. Joshua Hoekstra
  • Ted Vittos
  • Olivia Scholz
  • Dick Webb

Staff Present

  • Dr. Greg Feeney
  • Mark Manuel
  • Lisa Bell
  • Dr. Carlous Yates
  • Michelle Sjogren
  • JoEllen Reed
  • Elizabeth Pruitt
  • Ross Johnson
  • Marissa Smith

Guests Present

  • Elizabeth Swartz
  • Terri Stein
  • Katy Neyhouse
  • Sonny Fentress
  • Coos Ockers


The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m. by Ron Walker, Jr., Chair.

Chairman Walker recognized Marissa Smith, former Board member, and thanked her for her past and continuing service to benefit BCTC. Ms. Smith served multiple terms as a Board member. Ms. Smith thanked Chairman Walker and the rest of the Board and made a few remarks. She also welcomed Katelyn Collins who is replacing her as staff representative.

Chairman Walker recognized Katelyn Collins and welcomed her to the Board. Chairman Walker administered the oath of office as a Director of the Board of Bluegrass Community & Technical College and Ms. Collins repeated and affirmed the oath. At Chairman Walker’s request, Ms. Collins shared some information about herself and her current involvement with BCTC.

Minutes for the September 1, 2021, meeting were presented for approval. Bob McNulty made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Sannie Overly. With no discussion, the minutes were unanimously approved.

Dr. Akakpo extended greetings to everyone in attendance, both in-person and virtually, and thanked the Board for their support over the past year. He expressed pride in the faculty and staff and the work they have done throughout the Covid pandemic.

  • Academic year 2015-16, BCTC set a goal of reaching 4,972 credentials by 2021. We reached and exceeded that goal in 2021 with 6,249 credentials awarded. We exceeded our goal by 26%.
  • We ended the academic year with 8,847 students. Even though we were down 6%, we were still the 3rd best in the system.
  • Summer enrollment was down 2,954, but we still had one of the higher enrollment numbers for the system.
  • Fall enrollment was 9,761 – down 6% from last year.
  • As of today, compared to this date last year, spring enrollment is down 6%.
  • Our Covid numbers remain at a manageable level.
  • Fiscal year ending June 30, 2021, has been reconciled to the System Office. The general ledger has been closed.
    • We ended FY21 with a net income of $7,589,245, mostly due to the federal Coronavirus relief funds that we received. We used $10.4 million to offset expenses and reimburse the College for lost revenue and percentage of time spent for salaries for direct Covid-related activities.
    • A discussion occurred regarding revenue due to unfilled/vacant positions and overloads (additional salary paid to staff/faculty taking on extra duties due to unfilled positions). Clarification was added that current vacancies are not due to employees losing their jobs.
  • Several documents were shared explaining our financial status including expenses and revenue for the current year, FY22, as well as the trends over the last five years.
    • A note regarding the reported revenue figure: The reports are run on the 15th of the month. There have been two additional weeks since the report was run. Spring revenue as of December 1, 2021, is $9,098,943 (63% of the budget).
  • Bookstore commission to date is $157,406.
    • This money goes into the general operating fund to balance the budget.
    • Update: the Newtown Campus bookstore opened today.
  • Coronavirus Fund Update
    • We have received $38.3 million of federal funding for Coronavirus relief.
    • $15.1 million is going directly into the hands of students with no strings attached.
    • Clarification was made that vaccinations and testing for employees and students do not come from these funds.
  • Capital Strategic Needs Analysis
    • This is a report on capital project needs that is revised every two years and presented to the BCTC Board of Directors for approval to submit to KCTCS for inclusion in the KCTCS Biennial Budget Request.
    • Due to uncertainty and increased prices in the capital construction industry, System Office has revised the estimated cost formula for capital project requests.
    • Three projects were highlighted:
      • Newtown North Campus Renovations and Development
        • The original estimated project cost was $9.9 million.
        • After applying the revised standard square footage formula, the new estimated project cost is $13 million.
        • BCTC has set aside the original estimated cost. The additional amount will be funded in the next fiscal year.
      • Newtown Campus Administration Building Renovation
        • The original estimated project cost was $5.1 million. The revised estimated project cost is $7.5 million.
        • LET reviewed completed capital projects, lessons learned, and space and usage needs that have not been addressed and determined that a larger gathering space is needed on Newtown Campus.
        • A decision has been made to commit up to an additional $2.2 million to expand the Administration Building Renovation to create a meeting space that will also be connected closely to the SEC and Classroom Building.
        • The revised total requested budget authority for this renovation is $9.7 million.
      • Newtown Campus Phase 2B
        • Total amount requested has been divided between two buildings at $58 million each.
        • A request has been submitted to use state bond funds for one building ($58 million).
        • One of these buildings will include a large auditorium-type gathering space.
    • These revised cost estimates were recently made by System Office; therefore, these new amounts are not listed on the Capital Strategic Needs Analysis (SNA) 2022-2028 report approved by the board for submission to KCTCS at the December 2020 meeting.
    • These revised cost estimates are to ensure budget authority sufficiency and will only be spent if necessary.
  • For the benefit of new Board members, Ms. Bell explained the responsibilities of the administrative staff, the BCTC Board and the KCTCS Board of Regents regarding budgets and the process that is required for changes to the budget.
  • Enrollment
    • Spring enrollment figures change daily but percentages are consistent
    • Data allows for strategic targeting of efforts
    • In comparing this year to last year, on December 1, 2021, we had 306 fewer students than on December 1, 2020.
  • Call Campaigns
    • Campaigns are continuing each semester
    • Calls are made by faculty and staff
    • Most recent campaign contacted 8,562 students
    • Assistance, including enrollment, financial aid, etc., was provided to 492 students
  • Recruitment
    • Since previous Board meeting:
      • 2,677 applications
      • 45 high school visits
      • 15 college and career fairs
      • 151 students on tours
    • Period of October 1 through December 9:
      • Registration tables in several buildings on campuses (greet students, ask about and provide registration assistance, provide BCTC swag for registration)
      • Weekly giveaways to encourage students to apply
      • Promoting in weekly newsletters, texting campaigns (resulting in 178 students applying)
    • Grand prize for students who register by December 17 is free tuition, up to 15 credit hours, for spring semester
  • BCTC Apprenticeship Update
    • We are the #1 institution in Kentucky with the highest number of apprenticeships
    • In the KCTCS system (16 colleges), 60% are with BCTC
    • Currently working with 14 different companies; have 6 more in process
  • Workforce Scholars Program
    • Grant to help individuals between the ages of 16 and 24 (or older with documented disability) with financial need to gain the necessary skills to begin a career
      • Certified Nursing Assistant
      • Welder Helper
      • Electrical Helper
      • Administrative Office Assistant
    • To date, have helped 27 students
  • Trained Scholars Program
    • Working with a company and the Trained Scholars (statewide) covers 50% of that expense
    • Amount covered has been increased to 75%
  • Global Area Initiative
    • Support our international student services, Latinx and immigrant student services, migrant education, international exchange initiative (faculty, staff and students), global programming, community outreach and support
    • Combined grant with UK to internationalize and embed curriculum in specific languages
    • Currently have relationships with three international institutions – working on developing several others
  • Academic Program Update
    • Orthotics and Prosthetics Studies
      • Operating on the Newtown Campus
      • Strong enrollment for first year
    • Paramedic Program
      • Faculty member has been hired (retired from UK with paramedic and fire department experience)
      • Setting up facility/classroom and acquiring equipment
      • Will go through accreditation
      • After accreditation, first class will be summer or fall
    • BCTC Joint Degree with UK in Engineering Technology
      • BCTC students earn Computer Engineering Technology or Integrated Engineering Technology
      • Maintain GPA
      • Automatically eligible for Engineering Technology program at UK
      • In partnership with Toyota, offering five (5) full rides for four (4) years
  • Grants Update
    • Notified this morning by the National Science Foundation that we received $1.5 million grant to help fund students who are in STEM programs – this will include funding several scholarships
    • Received $1 million grant over four (4) years from the US Department of Health and Human Services for refugee career pathways
  • Stewardship and Scholarship Update
    • Several endowments have grown – received additional $20,000 over past 3 months
    • Scholarships have increased by $52,000
    • Program support has increased by $54,000
    • Number of students that applied for scholarships: 436
      • Awarded scholarships to 123 students in the fall totaling $314,000 (this amount does not include college waiver amounts)
      • Did not award scholarships to 313 students who applied
    • Plan to introduce scholarship campaign in the spring
    • Good Giving campaign is this week
      • Regional campuses are participating
      • Late year’s total: $44,000
      • Board members were encouraged to participate
  • Foundation Update
    • Received a clean audit
    • Year end giving will wrap up December 31
    • Board installed two (2) new members: Florence Huffman and Elizabeth Swartz 
  • Mission was shared
  • First 90 Days, Updated and Expanded
    • BLINKS Program Re-established
      • Transfer collaboration between BCTC, the Links Organization and Kentucky State University
      • Outlined requirements for qualification and benefits of participation
      • Two (2) students are in qualification to receive KSU scholarships in the fall
      • KSU benefits for qualified students explained
    • Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP)
      • Consortium of colleges and universities (BCTC, Centre, JCTC, KSU, Marshall, UK, WVSU, UofL, WVU and WKU)
      • Benefits underrepresented students studying STEM disciplines
      • Email was sent to 65 BCTC students inviting them to participate in the LSAMP program
      • Five (5) students have filled out applications to date
    • Diversity Overview and Training added to the following:
      • New Employee Experience
      • Provost Mid-Management Team
      • New Faculty Seminar Series
      • Academic Advising Team
      • Finance and Operations Leadership Team
  • Legislative Update
    • 2022 session begins January 4, 2022
    • Sixty (60) day session / budget year
    • Budget items shared during the Budget & Financial Review Report will be under consideration
    • Student Involvement
      • In recent years, 35 students have been involved in the BCTC Intern program in Frankfort
      • Four (4) students will be part of the program for the 2022 Legislative Session
      • BCTC is the only KCTCS college with a legislative intern program
      • Board member and former State Representative Sannie Overly was thanked for her prior participation in hosting and mentoring BCTC legislative interns
      • Board was updated on the success of former legislative interns
    • BCTC’s efforts to foster year-round relationships with legislators was explained
    • KCTCS Legislative Priorities
      • Property Conveyance
      • Dual Credit
      • Workforce Credits
      • FAFSA Requirements
      • HB145 – Student Discipline bill
      • Capital Project Funding
    • Community Outreach report was shared
    • Board members were encouraged to visit Frankfort during the Legislative Session
With no further business appearing, a motion to adjourn was made by Laura Hood and seconded. The motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 7:04 p.m.