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Planning and Assessment Calendar

Strategic Planning, Annual Priorities, Annual Plans, Program Health Reviews, Student Learning Outcomes, Performance Planning & Evaluation (PPE)

Updated September 22, 2020


  • Annual priorities set by LET.
  • Units develop annual plans and document in AIM (related to Strategic Plan and Annual Priorities).
  • Employees and Supervisors develop PPE's (related to Unit Annual Plans).
  • 30: Student Learning Outcomes for Technical Programs documented in AIM.
  • Unit annual plans - supervisors review in AIM.
  • Program Health Reviews for technical programs - IPRE compiles data in AIM.


  • Program Health Reviews - coordinators review data and add information in AIM.


  • Program Health Reviews - Coordinators add summary and comments in AIM.
  • Mid-year review of PPE's (optional).


  • Program Health Reviews - Assistant Deans begin adding comments in AIM.
  • Mid-year review of unit annual plans by coordinators (optional).


  • Program Health Reviews - Assistance Deans finalize comments in AIM; Academic Deans begin adding comments in AIM.
  • Annual priorities - progress reviewed by LET.


  • 28: Program Health Reviews - Academic Deans finalize comments in AIM.


  • Program Health Reviews - VP begins adding comments in AIM and identifying any programs for additional review.


  • APT Planning retreat - review progress on Annual Priorities for current year; plan for next year.
  • Program Health Reviews - programs in current year cycle submit data to KCTCS/CPE (dates subject to change by CPE/KCTCS).
  • Complete PPE's; send signed original to HR


  • Develop Annual Priorities outcomes report - LET, IPRE.
  • 31: Document results on Student Learning Outcomes in AIM.
  • 31: Document outcomes on unit annual plans in AIM.
  • Planning for next year's unit annual plans and PPE's.


  • 30: Program Health Reviews - VP finalizes comments in AIM and list of programs for additional review (if applicable).

September - October

  • Strategic Plan Progress Report completed by IPRE.