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Ebola Warning

Travel Precautions Urged if Traveling to and from West Africa

Dear students, faculty and staff:

International travel can be exciting and adventurous, and with Christmas break coming up, we know everyone is looking forward to going home or exploring a new place. But in regard to the recent Ebola outbreak, we urge caution if travel involves particular areas where Ebola has most infected the population.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the 2014 Ebola epidemic is the largest in history affecting multiple countries, including the hot zones of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, in West Africa.

We ask any students, faculty or staff who are traveling to and from West Africa, to take every necessary precaution in keeping yourself healthy and that you self-monitor and complete health screenings upon your return.

Also, please keep in mind that your ability to travel to and from West Africa may be hampered by airport screenings, and a heightened sense of alert. Possible delays or travel restrictions may be imposed and your ability to return to Kentucky in a timely manner may be hindered.

According to the CDC website, the risk of infection increases for those who are caring for Ebola patients and come in contact with bodily fluids; have been in contact with infected wildlife; or come in contact with an infected persons clothing, bedding and medical equipment that have been contaminated with the virus.

General questions and answers on Ebola can be found at: Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Questions and Answers on Ebola.

BCTC continues to work with officials at the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department and state officials, on appropriate steps to prepare for any actions to be taken should an outbreak or possible infection happen on the campuses of BCTC. We will continue to monitor the advice of the CDC and the World Health Organization on matters of new outbreaks and prevention procedures and recommend you contact the CDC at the website above if you have any questions.

W. Mark Manuel
VP Workforce & Institutional Development