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Are you ready to start your Better Life in 2019? Enroll now for spring classes at BCTC.

Students of all ages and all interests are beginning their Better Life at BCTC. Check out what they’re saying:

“Returning to college was not easy, but the hands-on instruction and discipline learned in the military made all of the difference. After graduation, I'm looking forward earning a bachelor’s degree in business management and having a long career at Toyota.” - Tim

“I was a good student with many choices, but I liked the small classes at BCTC. With interest in law, legal services and the legislative branch of government, I think this experience will give me connections and life lessons that will help move my education and career forward.” - Nathan

“When I graduated, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. BCTC saved me time and money as I explored career paths close to home. Now that I’ve found welding, I’m sure I made the right decision. Companies contact BCTC daily look for welders, so I’ll have a job as soon as I graduate!” - Blake

“BCTC offered the courses I needed to become a competitive transfer prospect, and now I’m going Columbia University, an Ivy League school in New York City, with no student debt.” - Caleb

“At 18 I was responsible for myself, working two jobs to help pay for college and living expenses. I wasn’t ready for college, but BCTC offers programs like the First Year Center for students like me. I’m grateful for opportunities that will open doors to my future.” - Shyan

We offer over 40 programs that prepare you for high-wage, high-demand jobs, such as manufacturing, information technology, business, logistics and health care. It is also the best value in education!

Are you thinking about a bachelor’s degree? Here you can complete your first two years of college at half the cost of a four year institution, then transfer the credits toward your bachelor’s degree.

Numerous scholarships, like the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship which offers opportunities for FREE college classes for qualified applicants, and financial aid are available at BCTC to help you keep college costs down and make a Better Life possible.

Classes are offered online and in person at BCTC’s seven campuses in Lexington, Danville, Georgetown, Lawrenceburg and Winchester.

Ready to do this? Visit the admissions page at bluegrass.kctcs.edu. Don’t wait! Begin the process today, so you can start classes in 2019!

Your Better Life starts TODAY!