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Contact kevin.dunn@kctcs.edu or barbara.elzey@kctcs.edu if you would like to set up one-on-one training from an eMentor.


eMentors are experienced, online faculty members who share their expertise with new online instructors. eMentors are placed as teaching assistants within a new instructor's Blackboard course shell, allowing the eMentor direct access to an instructor's class and enabling the eMentor to provide suggestions and give feedback to the new faculty member. eMentors are expected to provide the new faculty member with recommendations for course syllabi and policies, Blackboard layout, course content (where appropriate), effective communication practices, course shell organization, assignment construction and to share best practices for teaching in an online environment. eMentors also help troubleshoot Blackboard and other technical problems the new faculty encounter. eMentors will be expected to keep a log of their interactions with new instructors. eMentors email addresses will be placed in a distribution list available to BCTC faculty; eMentors are expected to participate in answering faculty questions sent to that list.


eMentors complete training provided by the Assistant Dean of  Faculty Professional Development and Support and the Assistant Dean for Distance Learning. This training typically takes a work day to complete and is scheduled in the Spring semester.


eMentors will be evaluated by the Assistant Dean for Distance Learning with assistance from the Assistant Dean of  Faculty Professional Development and Support. The evaluation process will include feedback from the new faculty advised by the eMentor, entries from the eMentor's log and an eMentor self-assessment.


Serving as an eMentor is counted as Educational Leadership. The amount assigned is typically 1-3% depending on the number of new faculty the eMentor advises. The exact percentage will be determined in consultation with the eMentor's division Assistant Dean.


Every Spring, a call will go out for faculty to serve as eMentors for the following academic year. Applicants will be asked to submit an eMentor Application. The application will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean of  Faculty Professional Development and Support and the applicant's Program/Area Coordinator and Division Assistant Dean.