Important Announcement Concerning Your Financial Aid

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our financial aid processing system. We are working diligently to lessen the impact this may have on students.

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Technical Support

Distance Learning Help Contacts

  • A place to call for help with KCTCS webmail: (855) 246-2477
  • The User Account Center
  • The KCTCS 24/7 Blackboard Technical Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Telephone: (855) 246-2477
  • Blackboard Support Center

For more Information Contact:

Online Students Complete Six Tasks Before You Begin

Complete the following tasks before you start class, and perform these tasks regularly.

  • Disable the popup blocker
  • Enable JavaScript and Java
  • Enable cookies
  • Clear recent/browsing history
  • Clear cache
  • Delete cookies

Support and instructions for Mozilla Firefox may be found at: Mozilla Firefox

Support and instructions for Internet Explorer may be found at: Internet Explorer