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How to Find Academic Progress Report


The Academic Requirements report in your Student Center lists your progress toward degree requirements.  This provides an unofficial degree audit and is very helpful for advising and planning. The report will show courses completed, courses in progress, courses enrolled/planned, and additional courses needed.  It will state whether the degree requirements have been satisfied or not-satisfied.

To view or print the Report:

  1. Go to MyPath (new window)
  2. Select the Student Self-Service tile
    screenshot of mypath page that highlights the student self-service tile
  3. Select the Student Center tile
    screenshot that highlights the student center tile
  4. Under Academics, change the Drop Down to Academic Requirements and click on the double arrows.
    screenshot with academic requirements dropdown menu highlighted
  5. Use the Academic Requirements Report (AR Report) to view your progress toward your chosen program plan and help you plan what classes to take next!  You can also view the report as a PDF to save, distribute or print.
    screenshot of wilma flintstone's ar report
  6. Click on the Description for any class to view the course prerequisites or additional information.
    screenshot of highlight course description

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Still need help?  Use the "Raise Your Hand" feature in Starfish and choose “I need to talk to my academic advisor”.  Your advisor will reach out to help!