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Class Registration Instructions

Start here by going to the BCTC homepage and clicking on the Student Self Service link at the top of the page in the blue band. Login using your BCTC username and password, click the "Student Center" button.

Screenshot Self Service Link

    1. Click the "Search for Classes" button
      Screenshot of "Search Classes" button
    2. At the top of the page will be a drop-down menu where you must choose the term for which you are registering. Select the correct term and year (i.e. fall 2020).
    3. "Bluegrass Community and Technical College" should already be selected as the "College", but if it is not, select the college from the dropdown.
    4. Select the "Campus" drop-down menu and select "Bluegrass Comm. & Tech College".
    5. Depending on if your class is on-campus or online:
      1. On Campus: Click the magnifying glass next to the box for "Location Code" and select the campus you want to take the class on.
      2. Online: Ignore the "Location Code" box. Go to "Search for Online Classes" and select "Online with Possible Proctored Exam".
    6. Select the Course Subject (i.e. MAT, ENG, etc.) for the course by clicking the "select subject" button.
    7. Enter the 2-3 digit Course Number that will be provided by your advisor.
    8. Click the Search button.
    9. Click on "View All Sections" (if available)  to see openings for the class you searched.
      1. Classes taught on campus will list specific days and times.
      2. Internet/online classes will list "TBA" under days and times and "World Wide Web" will be listed for the room.
    10. Choose a class from the available list by clicking the "Select Class" button on the right. Review your class selection to make sure you have the correct one selected, then click "Next" to add the course to your shopping cart.
    11. After adding the class, click "New Search" to add your next class.
    12. Repeat steps 2-10 for each of your classes. Once you have finished selecting your classes, click on the "Shopping Cart" link.

Screenshot of Peoplesoft class search

Screenshot of Peoplesoft class search results

In the shopping cart, select the checkbox next to each class so that is checked. Then click "Enroll".
Screenshot of Shopping Cart screen in Peoplesoft