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BCTC Alliance

What is BCTC Alliance?

The BCTC Alliance organization is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex and Ally (LGBTQIA) staff/faculty coalition, founded in the fall of 2012, working to support and promote diversity and inclusion at BCTC.

The organization works to address the issues in the college by bringing forth the concerns of the LGBTQIA community.

As professionals of the college, BCTC staff and faculty work directly with the entire BCTC community and it is very important to increase LGBTQIA awareness. Through awareness, we hope to create an inclusive environment that benefits all students, staff and faculty and will ultimately improve the community.

Why was BCTC Alliance established?

As an open access institution, BCTC services a very diverse population, including class, gender, ethnicity, race, age and sexual orientation. While BCTC has activities underway to promote diversity, at present, there are no initiatives geared toward the LGBTQIA community and instances of resistance and rejection still happen. As a result, some faculty and staff have expressed concerns of feeling unwelcomed in the culture, a sense of isolation, suppression and even feeling a need to hide.

The BCTC Alliance organization was established to address the above issues with the hopes of expanding college-wide understanding to increase tolerance and acceptance. Within BCTC s current strategic plan, continuing emphasis is stressed in this area with the Goal 3.2, which states strive to enhance diversity and inclusion within student, faculty and staff populations. Thus, the ultimate goal is to create a welcoming environment that supports individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and to strengthen alliances within the community.

What can BCTC Alliance do for you?

BCTC Alliance provides support to the community through open dialogue related to LGBTQIA issues and concerns. It is intended to bring together individuals who support each other and expand knowledge needed to create an inclusive environment.

BCTC Alliance is possible thanks to JustFundKY , Bluegrass Community and Technical College support, and the dedication of BCTC faculty and staff committed to college wide diversity.


The Sexuality and Gender Alliance (S.A.G.A.) is the student equivalent of BCTC Alliance. S.A.G.A. is sponsored by LGBTQ Services.

If you are a student, contact one of our Faculty Advisors, Peter Mottas or Brandon Schmidt, to join the group today to begin enjoying virtual events, discussions, or social distance gatherings.

For events and updates, check out the S.A.G.A page on Presence (new window)!