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How do I Join?

Talent Search accepts applicants on a rolling basis, provided there is space available at the student's school. Due to the nature of our curriculum and the timeline for completing college applications. We generally do not accept new students into the program who are in their second semester, Junior year, or Seniors.

apply to Educational Talent Search

Download this application, complete it, and email it to

Please be assured that all information contained in the application is kept confidential and secure at all times once we receive it.

Already Part of Educational Talent Search?

Download these two documents, complete them, and email them to

Adult Educational Talent Search

We serve a limited number of adults who wish to return to school to obtain either their GED® or start college.

Are you ready to get back into school and complete your educational goals? Well, we re ready to help! We know that these first steps towards a college education are not always easy and can be a little intimidating, so we want to help make the transition into school as easy as we can. We can help you make decisions about colleges, majors and careers, financial aid and the FAFSA, how to look for scholarships and grants and apply for them. Our mission is to help you apply for and gain acceptance into college and to be successful in reaching your educational goals.