Healthy at Work Officer Q&A | BCTC

Healthy at Work Officer Q&A


Q:  Are temperatures being taken on campus?
A:  Yes. You will be asked if your temperature may be taken at our campus check-in stations.


Q:  Where are the campus check-in stations?
A:  Check-in stations:

  • Regional campuses: main entrances (covered entrance at Georgetown)
  • Cooper: Oswald building main entrance, Moloney covered entrance, AT building main entrance.
  • Leestown: A building lower entrance near employee parking, B building entrance facing US Marine Corps Reserve, Rear door of the C building (near the bookstore), Main entrance of C building, M building main entrance. 
  • Newtown: Main entrance of the Classroom building, SEC 2nd floor ramp entrance, SEC rear entrance facing Transylvania University.


Q:  What is contact tracing?
A:  Contact tracing is the process used by health officials to identify individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19.


Q:  Do I need to maintain documentation for contact tracing purposes?
A:  Public health officials rely heavily on individuals who test positive for COVID-19 for information about who they have been in close contact with. Maintaining documentation is important and necessary to assist public health officials should the need arise.


Q. What if I see someone who is not wearing a mask?
A. Politely ask them to put one on. If they refuse, contact campus security for assistance. 


Q. How often should devices like copiers or shared computer workstations be cleaned?
A. These devices should be cleaned after each use. 


Q. Does BCTC have policy regarding travel? 
A. If BCTC is informed that someone has traveled to a hot spot, I will contact them and have a discussion. Based on the details they provide regarding safety measures taken and potential exposure, I will recommend the best course of action. We strongly suggest that people planning to go to these areas reconsider. 


Q. Does BCTC have a policy for a positive COVID test? 
A. I have written procedures that have been reviewed by LET, KCTCS & the Lexington Health Department for responding to various COVID situations including individuals who test positive.


Q. Will BCTC continue to host COVID-19 testing at the Newtown campus?
A. Testing will continue on our Newtown campus until further notice.  


Q. When do I have to wear a face mask at BCTC?
A. You must wear a face mask when you are in social situations. If you are alone, you can remove your mask. 


Q. Are face masks with breathing valves permitted?
A. No. Face masks with breathing valves are not effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Further, masks that do not provide an adequate barrier are not permitted. If you wear one of these face masks to campus, you will be directed to discontinue use and be provided with a face mask that is more effective.

Q. Can a face shield be worn instead of a face mask?
A. Face shields may be worn in place of a face mask if approved. If you are interested in this option, please contact me and we can discuss.


Q. What happens if someone refuses to wear a face mask?
A.  Face masks are required at all KCTCS colleges including BCTC. If you refuse to wear a face mask, you will be asked to leave. 


Q. Is there a plan for cleaning and disinfecting at BCTC?
A. BCTC has developed cleaning protocols in response to COVID-19 to improve the disinfecting of all spaces including: high traffic areas, classrooms, offices, etc.


Q. Will BCTC take temperatures in the fall when you enter a building?
A. Yes, BCTC will continue to take temperatures. To make the process quicker, you will not be required to sign-in at the door. Only one entrance per building will be available. Please look for that information in upcoming announcements. You will be able to exit the building through any door. 


Q. When will microwaves, refrigerators, and vending be available?
A. These are all currently available for use. 


Q. How about water fountains?
A. Water fountains will remain out of service until further notice. The bottle fillers in our buildings can be used and we are adding additional bottle fillers across our campuses. 


Q. Will BCTC be hosting outside groups in our facilities?
A. BCTC will not be hosting outside groups that do not have long standing agreements until further notice. 


Q. Can I provide food at a BCTC event?
A. Gatherings where food is provided should be avoided at this time if possible. If unavoidable, box type lunches are preferred. 


Q. I’ve heard that one of the CDC’s recommendations is increased air flow. Is BCTC following this recommendation?
A. Yes. We are increasing air flow inside our buildings through HVAC adjustments and improvements. 


Q. Can doors be propped open to increase air flow?
A. If a door has an automatic closer, it shall not be propped open due to code compliance. If a door does not have a closer, it is okay to prop it open.


Q. Where can I find sanitizing supplies?
A. Look for sanitizing stations set-up throughout our buildings.  


Q. What if I can’t wear a face mask due to a documented medical reason?
A. BCTC employees must contact Human Resources and students must contact Disability Support Services to discuss alternatives. 


Q. How will social distancing be accomplished in classrooms?
A. Our classrooms have been arranged to accommodate social distancing and marked accordingly. Our academics teams have been notified of classroom capacities taking social distancing into consideration. 


Q. How will social distancing be accomplished in other areas?
A. Common areas will be closed or arranged to accommodate social distancing. Floor markers, signage, and barriers have also been installed. 


Q. Since our Healthy at Work Officer cannot physically be on every BCTC campus, will there be a person designated at each campus to enforce both physical distancing and mask-mandate requirements? 
A. Security and the operations managers will be at each campus and can provide support. It is everyone’s responsibility to help enforce social distancing and wearing masks.