Healthy at Work Officer Q&A | BCTC

Healthy at Work Officer Q&A


Q:  Does BCTC require a specific type of mask?
A:  No. BCTC requires that a mask be worn on campus in public situations. There are no specific requirements concerning the type of mask.


Q:  What if I don’t have a mask?
A:  Please notify the employees at the campus check-in and they will assist you.


Q:  Will break rooms, vending, or shared appliances be available?
A:  Currently, these amenities are not available. This step is one of many steps we have taken to make our campuses safe and healthy.


Q:  Are temperatures being taken on campus?
A:  Yes. You will be asked if your temperature may be taken at our campus check-in stations.


Q:  Where are the campus check-in stations?
A:  Check-in stations:

  • Regional campuses: main entrances (covered entrance at Georgetown)
  • Cooper: Oswald building loading ramp on the right side of the building
  • Leestown: rear door of the C building (near the bookstore)
  • Newtown: main entrance of the Classroom building


Q:  What is contact tracing?
A:  Contact tracing is the process used by health officials to identify individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19.


Q:  Do I need to maintain documentation for contact tracing purposes?
A:  Public health officials rely heavily on individuals who test positive for COVID-19 for information about who they have been in close contact with. Maintaining documentation is important and necessary to assist public health officials should the need arise.