Healthy at Work Officer Q&A | BCTC

Healthy at Work Officer Q&A

Q&A, Updated August 5, 2021

Temperatures are no longer being taken on campus.

BCTC has discontinued our check-in stations and limited points of entry.

Contact tracing is the process used by health officials to identify individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

These devices should be cleaned after each use. 

There are no travel restrictions at this time.

BCTC has written procedures that have been reviewed by LET, KCTCS & the Lexington Health Department for responding to various COVID situations including individuals who test positive.

Masks are mandatory indoors for everyone on campus - students, faculty, staff and visitors - regardless of their vaccination status.

BCTC has developed cleaning protocols in response to COVID-19 to improve the disinfecting of all spaces including: high traffic areas, classrooms, offices, etc.

These are all currently available for use.

Water fountains and bottle fillers are now available for use.

Outside groups can submit a request to use our facilities for review.

Yes, food is now allowed at events.

Yes. We are increasing air flow inside our buildings through HVAC adjustments and improvements.

If a door has an automatic closer, it shall not be propped open due to code compliance. If a door does not have a closer, it is okay to prop it open.

Look for sanitizing stations set-up throughout our buildings.

Social distancing is no longer required in clasrooms.

Social distancing is required in common areas.