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COVID-19 Updates

Welcome to Online Learning with Bluegrass

We understand that you may have chosen to take a face-to-face class because your prefer that type of instruction to an online class. Unfortunately, to due to the ever-changing status and response to COVID-19, we must make some changes to ensure a safe and healthy community on campus.

We’re providing the information below to assist with your work online until further notice. Your instructor and BCTC Online Learning are here for you.

BCTC Introduction to Blackboard

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What is Office 365 Student Advantage and how do I get it?

All KCTCS students who are currently enrolled in a course are eligible to install the full version of Office 365 Pro Plus on up to 5 devices for free. This includes PC, Mac, Apple tablets and phones, and Android tablets and phones. The software will continue to work as long as you are enrolled in at least one class at a KCTCS college.

Download Microsoft Office

  • All file submissions for online classes must be Word (.doc, .docx) files
    • All other file submissions will receive a 0 grade

Install Office on your PC or Mac

  1. Sign into your KCTCS student email
  2. Click the gear icon beside your name at the top right, then choose Office 365 Settings

  3. Click the Software link

  4. Under the Office heading, click Install

  5. When prompted to save or run the application, choose Run

  6. Follow the on screen prompts to install Office

  7. After Office is installed, if prompted to log in, use your KCTCS email address and password

Install Office on your Apple or Android device

  1. Download the Office Mobile app from the app store

  2. Open the app and sign in with your KCTCS student email and password
Need help troubleshooting Blackboard? Check our student guide on Blackboard for answers to some of the common problems. If you still have questions, reach out to the Bluegrass Office of Online Learning below.


Bluegrass Online Learning

Email: BL_DistanceLearning@kctcs.edu
Phone: 859-246-6716

KCTCS Support

Phone: 855-346-4828
Bluegrass Student Service Center

Contact Bluegrass Online Learning or IT Support for further assistance.