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Currently enrolled students may change their home address online using Peoplesoft,

Students may complete the online form found on the Student Forms page. All academic bankruptcy requests are processed in the Records Office. The academic bankruptcy process normally takes 2-4 weeks. Once the bankruptcy process is complete, the Records Office will mail an unofficial transcript to the student showing the results of the bankruptcy.

Students may go to any Bluegrass campus with a picture ID and receive their KCTCS ID number.

  • Cooper Campus - Oswald Building, Room 203
  • Danville Campus - Please see the campus Administration Office
  • Lawrenceburg Campus - Please see the campus Administration Office
  • Newtown Campus - The Den
  • Winchester Campus - Lobby
Detailed information about resetting your password can be found at User Account Center
To update the home campus, students must update their home campus through student self-service or complete a new application if not currently enrolled.
Students should report to the Records Office at the Leestown or Cooper campus with their driver s license, or social security card listing the updated name. Name changes are usually completed within 3 business days

Currently enrolled students please log on to your PeopleSoft Account and click on the Change my Major link found under Academics in your Student Center to make your program change request. If you need assistance with this process please visit one of the following locations for assistance:

  • Cooper Campus -Oswald Building, Room 203
  • Danville Campus - Please see the campus Administration Office
  • Lawrenceburg Campus - Please see the campus Administration Office
  • Newtown Campus - The Den
  • Winchester Campus - Lobby

Final grades are viewable on a students PeopleSoft Self-service account as soon as the instructor posts grades at the end of each term.

Transcripts are only mailed when requested in writing and paid for by the student. Information about requesting a transcript can be found on the Transcript Request webpage.

Currently enrolled students may print a Current Enrollment Verification Certificate on their Peoplesoft Self-service account. Please review the instructions on the Enrollment Verification page. Students may also request an Enrollment Verification in person at the Cooper Campus Student Records Office or at the Leestown Campus One-Stop. Please note that an enrollment verification may not be available immediately depending on the time of year.

The Student Records Office has two main offices located at the Cooper and Newtown campuses. These are the only two offices that can print official transcripts. Bluegrass extended campuses have a Student Records contact who is available to answer questions and provide forms. Please see location information below:

  • Cooper Campus - Oswald Building, Room 203
  • Danville Campus - Please see the campus Administration Office
  • Lawrenceburg Campus - Please see the campus Administration Office
  • Newtown Campus - The Den
  • Winchester Campus - Lobby


Bluegrass Community and Technical College students must apply for graduation for each credential they wish to receive. Please see your Academic Advisor to begin the process. You may find more information on the Graduation page.

Students must apply by the deadline posted each semester on the Academic Calendars. Traditionally, for an August credential, students must apply in early June, for a December credential, students must apply by early September, and for a May credential, students must apply in early February.

Please see your academic advisor to discuss courses needed to fulfill the curriculum requirements for your program.  They will perform an audit for you to ensure you are ready to apply for graduation.  Then you will need to complete and submit the online graduation application by the deadline stated in the Academic Calendar.

Contact the Student Records Office to verify that a credential was awarded and that there are no financial holds on the account that would prevent release of the credentials. You can contact the office by sending an email from your KCTCS student email account to

The official transcript lists all certificates, diplomas and degrees granted with the award date. This official document will be available earlier than a printed credential. Students can order official transcripts online, in person, or through the mail. For more specific instructions, visit the Transcript Request page.
No. BCTC hosts one graduation ceremony each academic year in May. August and December graduates and all May credential candidates are invited to attend. Information regarding the graduation ceremony is posted online during the Spring term as it becomes available. An email containing more specific information about graduation is sent to the student's KCTCS email address. See more information on the Graduation page.
The Records Office orders all printed credentials from an outside supplier. Credentials are mailed to the students once they return from the supplier. The normal waiting period is 10-12 weeks after the end of the term.
The credentials are mailed to the address listed on your PeopleSoft Self-Service account. If a student needs to update their mailing address, please contact the Student Records Office by sending an email from your KCTCS student email account to
Due to the high volume of applications and the faculty approvals at local and system level, necessary for graduation, applications must be received and processed by the Student Records Office very early in the term.
Students who have a deficiency will receive messages regarding what is missing toward their program sent to their KCTCS email address.


Detailed information about withdrawing from a BCTC course can be found on the Withdrawal Policy page.

Instructions about resetting the password can be found on the Peoplesoft Student Account Activation form, or go to the User Account Center page to begin.

Full time student academic status for a Fall or Spring 16 week semester is 12 hours; a Fall II or Spring II 12-week session is 12 hours ; a Fall II, Spring II or Summer 6 or 8-week session is 6 hours.

Peoplesoft doesn t always recognize prerequisites for various reasons. The Student Records Office may need to manually override this error message once it s determined the requisite has been met. If the class was taken at another institution outside of KCTCS, the student needs to provide a copy of an unofficial transcript showing how the requisite has been met.

Students may submit a requisites override request online using the Course Enrollment Request forms.

All overrides have to be approved, and signed by the instructor of the class. Students may send a request, along with their Instructor's permission, via email to
The "You do not have access to enrollment at this time" error message means your academic advising hold has not been released for the current term. All degree seeking student must meet with an academic advisor every semester. Information about advising can be found on the Advising and Assessment "Who is My Advisor?" page.


Transcripts can be requested online, in person, or by mail. See more information on the Transcript Request webpage.

Questions about transcripts requested online through the National Student Clearinghouse can be emailed to For information about transcripts requested in person or by mail call the Student Records Office at (855) 246-2477 or send an email to

Transfer Credits

After the Admission office has entered the transcript, advisors can view the unevaluated information in PeopleSoft. Viewing the courses taken at a transfer institution helps the advisor steer students away from repeating unnecessary courses. If the student is applying close to the beginning of the term, please bring an unofficial transcript to assist the academic advisor with registration choices.

To view the established equivalencies for BCTC go to the TES database.

BCTC does not require official transcripts to be submitted for non-degree students. However non-degree students must meet any posted requisites for courses in which they wish to enroll. If a non-degree student needs MA 113 Calculus, they must provide proof of passing MA 109 or MAT 150 College Algebra or it s equivalent at another institution. Non-degree students should be prepared to provide this information with on unofficial copy of a transcript.

Students may submit a requisites override request online using the Course Enrollment Request forms.

For students interested in how Bluegrass Community and Technical College credits transfer to four year Kentucky schools, please visit the Transfer Center at the Cooper Campus in the Academic Technical Building lobby.

Currently, BCTC does not provide transfer evaluation for prospective students. Prospective students can view transfer equivalency data established for Kentucky public post-secondary schools. This information is not all-encompassing and will be updated regularly as curriculum changes.
Transfer credit is also awarded for courses completed at colleges and universities outside of the United States based on recommendations from agencies that evaluate foreign educational institutions. Students may refer to NACES for more information. Credit is only accepted after the transcript is evaluated by this service.

Bluegrass Community and Technical College awards credit for 100 and 200 level transfer coursework taken at regionally accredited colleges or universities in the United States. After the Admissions Office enters the transcript information, the BCTC transfer evaluator evaluates course work assigning course-to-course equivalencies, general education equivalencies, or elective credit equivalencies.

Students new to the college should expect evaluations of transfer work posted on their PeopleSoft account prior to the registration window for the following term (ex: if the student entered BCTC in August, the transfer evaluator is posting credit prior to the registration window for Spring that opens in October). Once the transfer evaluator posts credit, students may view their information online using their PeopleSoft Self-service account, click on "other academics" and choose the "Transfer Credit report" from the drop-down list, then click the blue "go" arrow. Additional information available online at the Transfer Information page.