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Resources for Recommending Books

BCTC Library Policies

BCTC Library Collection Development Policy: "to support the education activities of faculty, students, and staff by making available in various formats materials relevant to the curriculum and purpose of the College". Books, DVDs, and other materials are purchased to aid students and faculty with their educational research.

Budget and calendar: Initial allotment at beginning of fiscal year; sometimes non-recurring funds may be allotted in January. Ordering occurs year round.

(Please note: Book order requests for textbooks will not be processed. Textbooks are available for purchase at the college bookstore.)

Sending Order Recommendations to the Library

Electronic Resources for Reviews

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  • Book review sources:
    Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookWire, BookPage, BookSpot
  • Publishers' and suppliers' online catalogs: 
    Ex.: Cambridge UP, Majors (medical/science supplier)
  • Individuals' Web-published reviews: 
    Web review sources can be located with a search on various search engines. Reviews posted by individuals also are available from the archives of newsgroups and listservs that can be searched by such engines.

Paper Resources for Reviews

  • Review journals at BCTC Library:
    New York Times Book Review, New York Review of Books.
  • Newspapers: 
    Lexington Herald-Leader, Courier-Journal, etc.