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After graduation from high school I thought that I wanted the typical college experience. As it turns out I was just another face in the crowd. In this program I m learning one-on-one real life applications and using the knowledge that I ve acquired out in the field today.
Megan Gant, AMT Program Graduate

I chose the Toyota AMT Program because it offered a job while going to school, affordable tuition, an opportunity for growth, and it was challenging.
Paul Switzer, AMT Program Graduate

The thing about the program that makes a difference to me is the hands-on experience. Being able to learn something in class and then being able to go to work the next day and have hands on practice with what you learned.
Christina Partin, AMT Program Graduate

This program puts us on a world class level. As these graduates integrate into our company, our skilled maintenance workforce as a business unit will compete with any company in the world. We will achieve better line run time, better and faster problem solving, adapt and change more quickly, and do it for less cost to the company. Their ability and flexibility will transform our skilled workforce into one of Toyota s most competitive units.
Keith Davis, Manager Power Train Engineering Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky Plant

The AMT program is designed to develop skilled manufacturing technicians who have no equal globally. Successful graduates of the program will be the best in the world, and will play an instrumental role in helping U.S. advanced manufacturing remain No. 1 in the world. They will win the ballgame for us. I know of no other 2-year technical program in the U.S. that compares to the AMT program. Successful graduates will be qualified far beyond their traditional peers when competing for the best jobs. Work hard. Study hard. Stay focused. If this is you, you will be great for the AMT program, and the AMT program will be great for you.
Dennis Dio Parker, Toyota North American Production Support Center