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Dental Hygiene

Interested in the Dental Hygiene Program? You can click on "Pre-Admission Conference" and "Curriculum" links to the left for more information about being accepted to the Dental Hygiene Program. Next application deadline is February 15th. There are more applicants than slots open for students so we use a selective admission process. For more information about applying to the dental hygiene program view the "Complete Application Packet" which can be downloaded from the Selective Admission: Dental Hygiene page.

Dental Hygiene Foundation

The Dental Hygiene Program received a Federal grant for new equipment and the college has completed a renovation of the clinic. We are still raising funds for the support of the Dental Hygiene Program and clinic.

If you would like to contribute to the Dental Hygiene Foundation please contact Mary Jones.

Dental Hygiene


Mary W. Jones RDH, MPH
Program Coordinator