2002 | BCTC

Class of 2002

22 Second Year Dental Hygiene Students

group photo of Class of 2002President - Becky Wilson
Vice-president - Kate Huggins
Secretary - Elizabeth Emmons
Treasurer - Shaheen Iqbal
Social Committee - Susan Sallee (Chair), Lauren Hudnall, Lucinda Owen, and Hilary Webb
Historian - Debbie Betancourt


President's Address:

Dear Classmates,

One year down, and one to go! Congratulations again on all the accomplishments you have made, as individuals and as a class. I feel as if we have left our mark as BCTC Dental Hygiene students and set a standard for classes to come. Not only have we set a standard to make good grades, but we have left a challenge for the future classes to work as a team, make friends within that team, and achieve those things that seem unachievable together as a team. Oh yeah, and to have as much FUN as possible!!! Speaking of FUN, there are several upcoming events like the Hay ride at Mrs. Justice's, Ice skating, Christmas party at Mrs. Kelly's,etc. Kate and I will type something up within the next couple weeks. If you have anything you would like to add, please let us know. Lastly, I would like to thank you for letting me be your President again this year. I truly enjoy doing the little extra things to make our two years together easier and more exciting!

Rebecca Wilson
Class of 2002


  • Deborah Betancourt
  • Tina Borders
  • Amy Brock
  • Terri Brockman
  • Kelly Edwards
  • Elizabeth Emmons
  • Shannon George
  • Erika Hatfield
  • Gena Hill
  • Lauren Hudnall
  • Kate Huggins
  • Shaheen Iqbal
  • Andee McGuire
  • Tanya Miller
  • Lucinda Owen
  • Susan Sallee
  • Sarah Smoot
  • Hilary Webb
  • Martha Wethington
  • Becky Wilson
  • Doretha Wilson
  • Danya Winkler