2010 | BCTC

Class of 2010

The Class of 2010 s Top 10 Objectives

  • Graduate every class member
  • Attain a 100% pass rate on board exams
  • Unite in a collaborative effort which will help us succeed both as a group and as individuals
  • Collect the highest amount of donations for the Pedo Project during our two years serving the program
  • Uphold the integrity of the dental hygiene profession through involvement with the American Dental Hygiene Association, on a local and national level
  • Assist one another to create networking opportunities in the dental community by utilizing our personal and professional contacts
  • Commit to ensure our patients receive a thorough education concerning the importance of oral hygiene
  • Provide patients with the proper standard of care at all times
  • Represent dental hygiene to the best of our ability by maintaining an enthusiastic and positive attitude toward the program and the profession
  • Pledge to remain current on dentistry trends and to complete an adequate level of continuing education in order to always improve patient care


  • Morgan Baugh Class of 2010
  • Treasurer: Paige McKinney
  • Nicole Bertucci
  • Catrina Murphy
  • SADHA Treasurer: Jill Brooking
  • Jennifer Paul
  • Social Committee: Angela Caprioli
  • Rebecca Perraut
  • SADHA President: Mandy Harrison
  • Lauren Poullos
  • SADHA Vice President: Jamie Hill
  • SADHA Vice President: Whitney Rice
  • Aimee Lamb
  • Victoria Sheen
  • Susan Lewis
  • Melissa Smith
  • Mandy Long
  • President: Whitney Tucker
  • Historian: Lindsey Madden
  • Social Committee: Crystal Vaught
  • Co-Historian & SGA Representative: Angel Manfre
  • Vice-President: Courtney Wattsli>
  • Amanda Brown Messer
  • Social Chair: Tara Whitson
  • Secretary: Ashleigh Wolf