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The COVID Monologues

face mask on burlap in black and white

A story about us all

BCTC productions presents a film by Tim X. Davis and Stephanie Fitch. Featuring Ashton Abner, Kelly Asher, Diana Bastardo, Tim X. Davis, Leif Erickson, Amelia Fitch, Madalyn Frederick, Caden Healander, Alician Henning, Morgan Hutchins, Stephani Gillham, Thomas Kinchen, Mary Leveridge, Tiffany Madden, Bret Ripley, To'nia Ruby, Timothy Skidmore, Aaron Smith, Kathy Swango, Erin Tuttle. Produced by Stephanie Fitch and Matthew T. Kistenmacher.


Cannes World Film Festival Best Covid Theme Film winner laurelTelly Awards Bronze Winner"The Covid Monologues - The Movie", written, performed and produced by BCTC students, alumni, and faculty, brings the current social reality of isolation, death, civil unrest, and all associated emotions to the screen. The audience takes in an individual experience as shared through a collective collaboration. This is a collaborative effort of Bluegrass Community and Technical College's Theatre and Filmmaking and Cinematic Arts programs.

The film was shot in five days during the 2021 College spring break, and followed COVID guidelines this was the perfect film for our students to learn film, while working with COVID restrictions.


  • Ashton Abner, 2021 BCTC graduate
  • Kelly Asher, current BCTC student
  • Diana Bastardo, current BCTC student
  • Tim X. Davis, BCTC Theatre Coordinator
  • Leif Erickson, BCTC faculty
  • Amelia Fitch, current BCTC student
  • Madalyn Frederick, current BCTC student
  • Caden Healander, 2021 BCTC graduate
  • Alicia Henning, PL Dunbar Drama Teacher
  • Morgan Hutchins, 2021 BCTC graduate
  • Stephani Gillham, Lexington Theatre artist
  • Thomas Kinchen, current BCTC student
  • Mary Leveridge, 2021 BCTC graduate
  • Tiffany Madden, current BCTC student
  • Bret Ripley, retired BCTC faculty
  • To'nia Ruby, Cincinnati Theatre/Music artist
  • Timothy Skidmore, current BCTC student
  • Aaron Smith, former BCTC student
  • Kathy Swango, BCTC faculty



  • Stephanie Fitch, BCTC faculty
  • Matthew T. Kistenmacher, BCTC faculty

Director - for Film

  • Stephanie Fitch, BCTC faculty

Director - for Original Theatre Production

  • Tim. X. Davis, BCTC Theatre Coordinator

Camera Department

  • Jordan Helton, current BCTC student
  • Cade Holcomb, current BCTC student
  • Seth Perry, current BCTC student
  • Luke Saiita, current BCTC student

Sound Department

  • De'juan George, current BCTC student
  • Jannet Ojeda, current BCTC student


  • Bobby Jones, current BCTC student
  • Brady Posey, current BCTC student

Assistant Editor

  • Slade Gish, current BCTC student