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Historical narrative occupies a central position in a well-rounded college education because it equips individuals to understand and appreciate the world and to meet its challenges. The study of History contributes much to these ends, maintaining that people and society are, in important respects, the products of their past; therefore, the story of the past provides insight helpful to both personal and social development.

Moreover, History stands uniquely at the core of an education designed to help students transition to and be successful at four-year institutions because by its very nature it requires that students be able to integrate various disciplines. Taking as its subject a narrative of individuals and society in the past, History draws upon all disciplines to discuss that past. It provides a narrative framework for the study of other disciplines and helps the advanced student integrate various academic perspectives.


If you would like more information about our courses or programs of study, please contact Robert Hinkle, Area Coordinator for History/Political Science.

Robert R. Hinkle
Professor, History
Coordinator for History/Political Science
(859) 246-6333