Find answers to your most frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that has not been listed here, please email your question to Angela Huddleston and she can help you find the answer.


Can I take a class, if I have not met the prerequisite?

Prerequisites are courses that must be completed before taking another course. They are required because certain skills and knowledge are required before taking the course. If a prerequisite is specified for a course, it must be completed before registering for the course.

How do I contact my professor?

The contact information for your professor is located at the top of your course syllabus. You can also find the contact information for your professor in the Full-Time Faculty or Adjunct Faculty directory.

Is there tutoring for my class and where can I find a tutor?

The Mathematics & Statistics department offers tutoring for a variety of mathematics and statistics courses. See our Tutoring Page for tutoring locations and schedule information.

Peoplesoft does not show me the room for my class. How can I find it?

Click on the link for the appropriate campus on the BCTC Schedule of Classes page to find the room location for your course.

Peoplesoft is not recognizing a prerequisite that I have completed. How can I register for the next class?

If you cannot register for a course, because Peoplesoft is not recognizing the prerequisite, please submit a Course Enrollment Request before the end of the add/drop period. A faculty member will help you register for the course.

What do I do if I want to drop back to a lower level math course?

To drop back to a lower level math course, you must complete a Drop Back Request between the dates specified by your instructor at the beginning of the semester. A faculty member will assist with the enrollment change in your schedule.

What is a proctor and how do I make an appointment with one to take my final exam?

A proctor is a testing center staff member, an instructor, a librarian, or other educational staff, who monitors a student taking an exam. If you are a BCTC student, your appointment can be made through the BCTC Testing Center. If you are a student at a different college, please schedule your appointment through the testing center at your home college.

What is the last date to withdraw from a course and how do I withdraw?

The last date to withdraw varies from course to course, so please refer to your syllabus for the last date permitted by your instructor to withdraw from your course. Follow the appropriate Withdrawal Instructions for BCTC students or students at other KCTCS colleges.