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Associate Degree Nursing Program Approximate Costs

We want you to know the costs associated with entering the nursing program. This is a list of approximate costs associated with entering and completing the Associate Degree Nursing Program at Bluegrass Community and Technical College. All costs are subject to change without notice.

Approximate Costs

Item Approximate Cost
Tuition - per semester (Kentucky resident)

$174 per credit hour plus

Uniforms and Accessories $200.00
Nursing Books (Approximately) $1000.00 - $1200.00
CPR for Health-Care Providers or Red Cross PR for the Professional Rescuer* $60.00
MMR (2)* (or titre) $30.00
TB Skin Test (PPD)* 2-step PPD $20.00 annually
Hepatitis B Series* (or titre) $150.00
Varivax Series*# (times 2 or titre) $140.00 - $150.00
Influenza Vaccine $25.00
Tdap* $30.00
Liability Insurance* $22.00 per year
Background check $45.00
Standardized Testing $40.00 - $70.00 per semester
Kaplan Resources with Live Board Review $120.00 per semester
Skills Packs $35.00 - $55.00 per semester

Wireless mobile device


Mandatory Fee $72.00-$120.00 ($8 per Effective Fall 2015

UK Parking Fees (Cooper Campus only) $296.00 per year (2016)

Security Fee $40.00 per semester

(** Tuition and Fees may be subject to change.)
(*Validation of each of these items is due on the first day of classes.)
(#Varivax Series is required if you have no verification of history of Chicken Pox.)

Approximate Fourth Semester Expenses

Item Cost
License, Licensing Exam $400.00
Nursing Pin $45.00 - $75.00
Pictures $50.00
Standardized Exams $110.00