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Incoming Student Information

Dear Incoming Students,

Congratulations on your acceptance to the program. All students accepted and on the alternate list must accept their spot in their SAS account within 2 weeks of receiving this notice. The link below will give you information to establish a Castlebranch account so you can complete your background check, drug screen and immunization tracker. This needs to be completed by January 8, 2018. Students that don’t complete their background check, drug screen and immunizations by January 8, 2018, will be dropped from the nursing program. Please follow the instructions on the link below and the information provided in the Student Information page.

Please schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor prior to the semester break so you can register for your assigned nursing courses. LPNs will need to register for NSG 197, NSG 212 & NSG 215. Re-admit students will need to register for NSG 210 and/or NSG 212 and/or NSG 215, or NSG 230 & NSG 213. LPN students admitted to the Lawrenceburg campus will meet at Cooper campus for NSG 197. Enroll for your NSG 212 & 215 at the Lawrenceburg campus.

***There will be a mandatory orientation for all LPN students on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 9:00 am at the Cooper Campus in the Oswald bldg., room 340.

Please note we have a new uniform policy for the students entering in either NSG 197, NSG 210 or NSG 212.

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