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Course Information

Philosophy courses are used to fulfill a variety of requirements for the AA/AS degree.

PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy (3 hrs. Lecture Class)
PHI 100 introduces students to philosophical studies with emphasis on issues of knowing, reality, and meaning related to human existence.

PHI 110 Medical Ethics (3 hrs. Lecture Class)
PHI 110 introduces examination and application of major ethical theories to specific moral questions related to health care.

PHI 120 Introductory Logic (3 hrs. Lecture Class)
PHI 120 covers argumentation, syllogistic and sentential logic. Focuses on the use of formal methods in the construction and criticism of actual arguments, the aim being to inculcate standards of good reasoning, e.g., clarity, consistency, and validity.

PHI 130 Ethics (3 hrs. Lecture Class)
Introduces students to a critical examination of philosophical principles related to moral action and political values.

PHI 250 Symbolic Logic (3 hrs. Lecture Class)
Introduces students to the methods of formal deductive logic with emphasis upon applications to mathematics, computer science, and/or legal reasoning. Covers the language and rules of formal logic as well as techniques of formal proof. Fulfills Quantitative Reasoning Requirement for AA Degrees.

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