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Political Science

Political Science is an essential component of a community college education, providing students with the tools to understand the complex world of politics and, in the process, to become better citizens. As a field of academic study, Political Science is both a classical discipline and a more recently developed social science. The study of politics utilizes philosophical, historical, and comparative analysis to examine governments, political movements, policies and politics. Knowledge of these areas enables students to participate more effectively in the political process on behalf of their own values. Students also learn skills to scrutinize critically both their own and other value systems. A sound foundation in Political Science could pave the way for additional studies at a four-year institution or graduate and professional schools (including law school), as well as preparation for public service, nongovernmental employment, civic engagement, and political activism at the local, state, national, and international levels.

If you would like more information about our courses or programs of study, please contact Robert Hinkle, Area Coordinator for History/Political Science.

Robert R. Hinkle
Professor, History
Coordinator for History/Political Science
(859) 246-6333