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How To Apply

Recommended Instructions on How to Apply to the Respiratory Care Program

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  1. Apply and become accepted to BCTC
  2. Set up your BCTC User Profile
  3. Log into Peoplesoft
    • Declare your major as: Associates in Science or Associates in Arts
    • You will be assigned to an academic advisor
      • If you are currently taking transitional (<100 level) Math, English, and/or Reading courses, please complete these courses prior to seeking a Respiratory Care Program Advisor
      • Request your assigned advisor to transfer you to a Respiratory Care Program Advisor
  4. Contact one of the following program faculty members for further information:
    • Jim Matchuny (Program Coordinator)
      Leestown Campus
      M-Building, Office 132-J
      Phone: 859-246-6246
    • Zach Simpson (Director of Clinical Education)
      Leestown Campus
      M-Building, Office 113
      Phone: (859) 246-6243
  5. Log into Blackboard
    • Click on the STARFISH tab
    • Select your Respiratory Care Faculty Advisor
    • Schedule a meeting with your advisor
  6. Complete the following courses in this recommended order:
    • Fall Semester
      • (1) Computer Literacy Course
      • (1) ENG 101 (Writing I)
        • Must complete with a "C" or better
      • (1) of the following math courses (with a "C" or better):
        • MAT 110 (Applied Mathematics)
        • MA 111 or MA 146 (Contemporary Mathematics)
        • MAT 150 (College Algebra)
      • (1) BIO 137 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
        Must complete with a "C" or better
    • Spring Semester
      • (1) BIO 139 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
        • Must complete with a "C" or better
      • (1) Oral Communications Course
      • (1) Social & Behavioral Sciences Course
      • (1) Heritage or Humanities Course
  7. Attend a Pre-Admission Conference
  8. Apply to the program by submitting your Selective Admissions Packet by February 15th
  9. Keep in mind:
    • You will need a minimum 2.0 GPA in order to apply to the program
    • Only 20 Students are accepted each year
      • The higher your GPA is, the more likely you will be admitted into the program
        • A competitive GPA is 3.0 or higher
  10. Once accepted, you will begin the Respiratory Care Program in the following Fall Semester