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How To Apply

Recommended Instructions on How to Apply to the Respiratory Care Program

  1. Apply and become accepted to BCTC
  2. Set up your BCTC User Profile
  3. Log into Peoplesoft
    • Declare your major as: Associates in Science or Associates in Arts
    • You will be assigned to an academic advisor
      • If you are currently taking transitional (<100 level) Math, English, and/or Reading courses, please complete these courses prior to seeking a Respiratory Care Program Advisor
      • Request your assigned advisor to transfer you to a Respiratory Care Program Advisor
  4. Contact one of the following program faculty members for further information:
    • Jim Matchuny (Program Coordinator)
      Leestown Campus
      M-Building, Office 132-J
      Phone: 859-246-6246
    • Zach Simpson (Director of Clinical Education)
      Leestown Campus
      M-Building, Office 113
      Phone: (859) 246-6243
  5. Log into Blackboard
    • Click on the STARFISH tab
    • Select your Respiratory Care Faculty Advisor
    • Schedule a meeting with your advisor
  6. Complete the following courses in this recommended order:
    • Fall Semester
      • (1) Computer Literacy Course
      • (1) ENG 101 (Writing I)
        • Must complete with a "C" or better
      • (1) of the following math courses (with a "C" or better):
        • MAT 110 (Applied Mathematics)
        • MA 111 or MA 146 (Contemporary Mathematics)
        • MAT 150 (College Algebra)
      • (1) BIO 137 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
        Must complete with a "C" or better
    • Spring Semester
      • (1) BIO 139 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
        • Must complete with a "C" or better
      • (1) Oral Communications Course
      • (1) Social & Behavioral Sciences Course
      • (1) Heritage or Humanities Course
  7. Attend a Pre-Admission Conference Virtually, contact to get started.
  8. Apply to the program by submitting your Selective Admissions Packet by May 1st. 
  9. Keep in mind:
    • You will need a minimum 2.0 GPA in order to apply to the program
    • Only 20 Students are accepted each year
      • The higher your GPA is, the more likely you will be admitted into the program
        • A competitive GPA is 3.0 or higher
  10. Once accepted, you will begin the Respiratory Care Program in the following Fall Semester