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Spring 2020 Production

BCTC Theatre presents auditions for our FIRST Spring 2020 production of the World Premiere of Jeremy Gillett's "The Get Back".

Auditions are now closed.

The show takes place in early April. Rehearsals begin in mid February.

The Get Back - how does one start over? How does one outlive one's mistake? Joshua Thomas Northington III seeks a chance to regain the trust, love, respect and hope necessary to get back the relationships and opportunities lost following a prison term for drug possession and distribution. Joshua returns home to confront the impact of his decisions face the reality that he may never get back all he has lost.

Joshua Thomas Northington III is a character developed by award winning playwright (and BCTC and UK Theatre alumni) Jeremy Gillett. Gillett introduced Joshua in Black and 25 in America as a young upper middle income youth struggling with what it means to be black. In the Get Back Joshua struggles to reclaim his life and that of his family.

Character Breakdown

JT: He is a cerebral 25 year old African American man. Recently released from prison, he is working to mend broken relationship and find his purpose through obtaining a CDL license. He can either be successful in the streets and or began to live life as an everyday working class American. Following a prison term for drug possession and distribution, the choice is his to make.

Dad: African American man- 40s-60s . He is successful. He is old school in his approach to life, family and his business. He has a great deal of knowledge about the Black experience in America and shares it freely in almost every conversation he is involved in. He believes in the empowerment of the Black family and while he had support in his business life and elsewhere, he thinks of himself as a self-made hard working man. He wants to help his son be successful but his struggle is to first help his son understand his value and worth. He loves his wife and also blames her for not letting him raise JT away from certain family members. He is the owner of a family construction company. He is accomplished business owner who considers himself an old school.

Ma: African American woman- 40s-60s She is a very successful and influential person in the community. She loves her son but is losing hope in his ability to make a change. Her fear of losing JT to the streets, jail, or the grave is palpable causing serious friction in her marriage and relationship with her son. She is a licensed dentist. She is educated, elegant and passionate about her family. She is known to have a sharp tongue in an argument

Thunda: African- American woman, 20's. Thunda is a talented dancer/Exotic Dancer. She has a BA in dance/choreography . She raised herself in a rough environment and lacked a support system while growing up. The strip club has been an avenue for her to earn an unusual but comfortable living as a dancer. She is deceptively intelligent and a go getter. Her intelligence is a tool that she hides from most people. She's smarter than she lets on.

DJ O: He is the DJ/manager of the strip club. His sole purpose is to keep the club full of excitement and energy

Sergio: Russian gangster, 20's-30's, with ties to the black market . He's a slimy guy. He is well put together and inconspicuous. His goal is to make lots of money. He has taken a keen interested in Thunda. He is willing to give a lot to be with her but he has a breaking point. He reeks of privilege and lets everyone know that he's better than them.

Mel: Male or Female open ethnicity. The bartender at the strip club. Full of information. Sees and hears all that happens in the strip club.

State Senator William: African- American (male or female) , 40's-60's, and friend of the Northington family. Well educated, articulate and fights for justices issues in the community. He is very influential in the community and is working to build an environment that supports those looking to be positive contributors to his community.

Sky: She is a 20-25 year old exotic dancer. She dances well and is a new person to the club looking to earn money and be accepted. Open ethnicity.

Candi: She is a 20-25 year old exotic dancer. Open ethnicity. She has an on going battle with Thunda as the best dancer in the club. She does not have lines but must have a personality which exudes she is the best and cares about no one else.

VARIOUS walk on roles, playing patrons of the club. (CAN be doubled up with members of backstage tech crew)"

Additional Information

Auditions are open to ALL BCTC students, faculty and staff, and the general population.

For more information, contact Tim Davis at