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Upcoming Productions

2020 Theatre Productions


The production, originally scheduled for April, has been tentatively rescheduled for October of 2020.

Please check back later for more information.


BCTC Theatre presents -

Four From the Bluegrass - 2020

A collection of four short plays by Kentucky playwrights!

A FREE online event

June 11 and 12 at 7:30PM
Join the event on Microsoft Teams

  • This show contains adult language and adult themes
  • We are using the Microsoft TEAMS platform for the performances. While you may log on through the web without the TEAMS app, we encourage you to download the free TEAMS app for maximum viewing enjoyment. 
  • The "Virtual lobby" will be open each evening at 7:15 
  • On Thursday June 11th, immediately following the performance, there will be a talkback with cast, crew, and ALL FOUR of this year's playwrights! We hope you'll stick around for a virtual Q and A.


From Around Here by Kelsey Waltermire
'From Around Here' is a dark comedy that follows the return of a young woman, Ann, to her small southern hometown. She is having her morning coffee in the town's bustling diner when news of tragedy strikes. Gossip camouflages the awful truth, and Ann can't escape the reality that her hometown has darker shades than she ever knew.

Crayonhead by Emma Grace Imes
Ever since the big break up June hasn't done much except watch cartoons and ... one risky side job. After examining how her life has gone down hill, she is now certain that she's done something horrible to herself. In an attempt to undo this damage she goes to the only psychiatrist she knows she can trust, Kelly Rose. Where she tries to convince Dr.Rose that she is reverse "flowers-for-Algernoning" and needs medical help ASAP.

The Ballad of Danny and Bea by D. Ward Phillipy
The Ballad of Danny and Bea is the story of two former lovers, the relationship ended long ago, but Danny and Bea never had any closure to their love affair. They meet again, randomly, and attempt to reconnect and to get closure to a relationship that ended, but the love never did.

The Get Back - A scene from Jeremy Gillett's new play "The Get Back", which we will be world premiering in the 2020/21 season!