Lactation Station

Supporting Breastfeeding

Supporting breastfeeding employees: What supervisors can do

  • A breastfeeding program is most successful when managers are supportive, flexible and understand the importance of mothers providing their milk to their babies
  • It is essential to have a written policy that supports and encourages employed mothers to provide mother's milk for their babies.
  • Sufficient maternity leave is important for new mothers to establish breastfeeding. Leaves and flexible schedules also allow fathers to participate in the birth and lactation process.
  • When possible, allow nursing mothers to return to work gradually or on a flexible schedule. The gradual return to work can be less disruptive to the breastfeeding process.
  • Allow break time during the workday for pumping. Consider the option of special work situations such as job sharing, part-time work; work at home, flexible hours.
  • Be proactive in educating other employees about special arrangements for breastfeeding co-workers, to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Working and/or Attending Classes and Breastfeeding

It s Worth It!

  • Combining employment and/or attending classes and breastfeeding requires some preparation and commitment, but mothers say it s worth it. Breastfeeding is simpler than formula-feeding. Babies are sick less often. For many mothers, breastfeeding ties the two halves of their life together.
    • Orientation Packet for Breastfeeding Staff and Students
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