Employee Benefit Assistance During the December/January Institutional Closing

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of your benefits. We have performed extensive audits for discrepancies between PeopleSoft self-service entries and Department for Employee Insurance reports and made corresponding corrections. However, the potential exists that someone could have a problem on newly effective coverage. Please be sure to review and confirm your benefits summary in PeopleSoft (Employee Self-Service).


Health and Prescription Drugs

  • You go to a medical provider or a pharmacy and they question your coverage or you have other eligibility issues:
    • Your first source should be calling Anthem (for Health coverage)at 844-402-5347 or CVS/Caremark (for Prescription coverage)at 866-601-6934. They can call your provider and rectify the situation if your information is correct in their system.
    • If Anthem does not have what you believe to be the correct information, you need to call the Department of Employee Insurance (DEI) Customer Service at: 888-581-8834 or 502-564-6534.
  • You have not received an ID card or misplaced the one you just received and need it during this period and have established your eligibility using the above step:
    • You may contact Anthem at: 844-402-5347 and get your billing information to give to your provider.
    • You may visit the Anthem website at: https://www13.anthem.com/cp/web/kehp, create a login ID using your Social Security Number and print yourself a temporary ID card.

For your reference, DEI web-site information is located at: https://personnel.ky.gov/Pages/healthinsurance.aspx.

We wish to advise you that whatever information is in the DEI system, which is a product of your self-service entry or information that rolled over from 2015, will abide until such time as we have returned to work and can resolve the issue. This may or may not include you filing a grievance with the DEI. This will not be accomplished until Institutional Closing is over.


  • You go to a dentist and they question your coverage or you have other eligibility problems:
    • You will need to call your Dental provider directly for assistance.
      • Delta Dental 800-955-2030
      • Health Resources 800-727-1444
      • CompBenefits 800-342-5209

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Stand Alone Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)

  • You go to a medical provider or a pharmacy and your Benny card doesnt work, you do not have a Benny card or your card has expired and you have not received a replacement card:
    • You should call Chard-Snyder directly at 800-982-7715 or 513-459-9997 for assistance.

For your reference, the Chard-Snyder website information may be accessed at: http://www.chard-snyder.com/. You will find useful information pertaining to the Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Reimbursement Accounts on this site.

Remember, you have until March 15, 2017 to spend any left-over balance in your 2016 Health Care FSA. This is your grace period. You also have until March 31, 2017 to file any unpaid claims incurred prior to 1/1/2017. This is your run-out period.

January Retirements

There could be an administrative delay in putting recent retirees on Direct Billing and/or implementing their coverage changes depending upon when information is received by System Office Employee Benefits. In this case, the new retiree would continue to use their active coverage information and System Office Employee Benefits will correct your information after the return from the Institutional Closing.

We are optimistic that any situations as described above will be minimal. Employee Benefits wishes to facilitate a smooth transition for KCTCS employee benefit changes into the new year.

Happy Holidays!