Travel and Expense Reimbursement

BCTC utilizes PeopleSoft for processing travel and employee expense reimbursements.

Employees who have incurred reimbursable travel and/or employee expenses should prepare a travel and expense report in PeopleSoft and submit within 45 days of incurring the expense.

See instructions on travel and expense reports at (click on the Travel & Expense link).

The following two additional forms will be used in the travel module. The form, BA3d, Signature of Budgetary Authorization for Reimbursements Business Services, will be used when the employee is requesting a reimbursement from a budget that the HR supervisor does not have budget authority. The form, BA3e, HR Supervisor Authorization for Reimbursement, will be used when a temporary HR supervisor needs to be assigned (Part A) or the expense report needs to be reassigned to another approver for processing (Part B).

Contact Information

Amy Spears, Travel Auditor
(859) 246-6276