Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors

First Year Center Peer Mentor Program

The First Year Center employs Peer Mentors at multiple BCTC campuses. Peer Mentors are student workers who offer tutoring, workshops and references to college resources.

Cooper Mentors

To schedule an appointment with any of the Peer Mentors please e-mail

Jacolby Gardner

Jacolby tutors chemistry, biology, english and reading. 
Fun Fact: Jacolby coached Lacrosse for seven years after high school.

Irving Reyes-Perez

Irving tutors anatomy and biology.
Fun Fact: Irving has a procrastination problem... but he's working on it!

Morgan Martin

Morgan tutors english, communications, reading and technology.
Fun Fact: Morgan's favorite animal is the squirrel. 

Shyan Stivers

Shyan tutors english, psychology, communications, reading and astronomy. 
Fun Fact: She has five siblings and they are all boys. 

Ndeye Thiaw

Ndeye tutors algebra, trigonometry, calculus 1, chemistry, biology and physics.
Fun Fact: Ndeye speaks three languages fluently.

Ruel Wodajo

Ruel tutors chemistry, biology, physics, english and reading.
Fun Fact: Ruel loves soccer!

Newtown Mentors

To schedule an appointment with a Peer Mentor please contact

Amanda Goins

Amanda tutors in english and reading.
Fun Fact: Amanda likes to crochet.

Jocelyn Lee

Jocelyn tutors in algebra, biology, psychology, communications, english and reading. 
Fun Fact: Jocelyn owns a tie due arts and crafts business.

Scotty Powell

Scott Powell tutors in biology, english, graphic arts, history, communications and reading. 
Fun Fact: Scotty's heroes are John Waters and Roseanne Barr. 

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Mentor please contact for more information.