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Refugee Services

How can we help?

To work with Refugee Services, you must be a:

  • Refugee
  • Asylee
  • Cuban/Haitian entrant
  • Afghan/Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolee
  • Special Immigrant Visa Holder
  • Victim of human trafficking in the US for less than five years

We have two programs available:

  1. Refugee Career Pathway (RCP) - this is for you if you want to go to school
  2. Refugee Vocational Training Program - this is for you if you want to go to work

Choose the program that fits your needs:

Refugee Career Pathway (RCP)

african student at bctc

We want you to achieve your career goals and integrate into your new communities. Our services will support you at every stage of your career journey.

Our Services:

  • Career Exploration and Growth. We will help you explore various career paths and advance in your chosen fields.
  • Educational Advising. Our advisors are here to help you. They offer personalized support to help you navigate educational opportunities. They'll be there to help you make informed decisions about your academic pursuits.
  • Community ELL Classes. We provide English Language Learning (ELL) classes. We tailor the classes to the needs of our diverse community. Our goal is to foster strong language and communication skills essential for success.
  • Skills U Referrals. We connect you with resources for improving your ability to read, write, count, and more.
  • Case Management. Our case managers provide support based on you and your needs. They address your specific needs and connect you with relevant resources and services.
    Direct Support Services. We're here to support you and address any challenges you may encounter on your career pathway.
  • Workshops. Our workshops cover many topics and equip you with tools for success. Topics include:
    • resume writing
    • interview skills
    • financial literacy
    • cultural adaptation
    • and more!
  • International Education Credit Evaluation Help. If you attended school in your home country, we can help you get recognition for that work in the United States. We'll check your international education credentials. Then, we will help you navigate the process of credential recognition.
  • Interpretation Services. We help with communication and make sure you have access to the support you need.
  • Individual Career Planning. We work with you to develop personalized career plans. We want you to set achievable goals and milestones!

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Refugee Vocational Training Program (RVTP)

african nursing student

BCTC, along with local partners, offers 5 workforce certificate programs. These programs provide you with essential skills for entry-level roles in high-demand industries. Upon completion, you enjoy dedicated career support services to transition to the workplace.

What We Offer:

Requirements to Apply:

  • Proof of Secondary School completion or any educational certificate
  • Intermediate skills in English Reading, Writing, and Speaking

How It Works:

You will complete the program in one year with three consecutive semesters.

  • Semester 1 (12 weeks): Comprehensive English Language skill enhancement classes.
  • Semester 2 (10 weeks): Vocational readiness and professional skills development.
  • Semester 3 (varies): Advanced vocational training in your chosen field. Training includes personalized guidance for future career advancement

ESL Intensive

If you don’t meet the requirements to apply, we offer 2 semesters of English Enrichment classes. We can help you speed up your progress towards fluency in English. We can also help you seek a Secondary Education Equivalence Diploma (GED®).

Who Can Apply?

  • Individual who is seeking a General Secondary Diploma (GED)
  • Preliteracy or low level of English proficiency.

To apply for RVTP or ESL Intensive, please register online below.

Refugee Vocational Training Program (RVTP) Application

Questions? Please send an email to:

Contact Us

Program Contact:

Karissa Porter
Phone: (859) 246-6323


Our programs, RCP and RVTP, are in the Multicultural and Global Learning Center (MGLC). 500 Newtown Campus in Classroom Building, 103D.

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