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Level up your life-saving skills. If you’re a certified EMT, our selective-admission associate degree program offers advanced prep for the National Registry Exam.

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What is Paramedic Technology?

The Paramedic program combines academic and laboratory courses with high technology clinical instruction. You’ll gain the necessary cognitive knowledge, psychomotor skills, and affective behaviors to succeed as a Paramedic. Program curriculum comes from the National EMS Education Standards set forth by the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services (KBEMS). 

Graduates will be eligible to apply to take the National Registry Paramedic Exam and may earn a certificate upon completion of the program.

The paramedic primarily provides pre-hospital emergency care to acutely ill and/or injured individuals while working on an ambulance, mobile advanced life support unit, industrial on-site unit, fire departments, emergency departments and other agencies.

Paramedic job titles include:

  • ER Paramedic
  • SWAT Paramedic
  • Flight Paramedic
  • Cruise ship Paramedic
  • Oil Rig Paramedic
  • Overseas Contract Paramedic
  • Plasma donation Paramedic
  • Military Paramedic
  • Cardiac Stress Tech
  • EKG technician
  • Lab Assistant
  • Paramedic Educator
  • Paramedic Program Director

Getting Started

Prerequisites and Start Times

Applicants must have an EMT certificate to qualify.

Danville and Georgetown programs begin every Fall semester. Applications for Danville and Georgetown are due July 1.

The Leestown program begins every Spring semester. Applications for Leestown are due November 1.

How to Apply

All programs are subject to these requirements. All pre-admission conference dates are in-person and all applicants must attend one pre-admission conference.

Paramedic Technology is a Selective Admissions program.

Students must follow all Selective Admissions steps to be considered for the program.

How to Apply to the Paramedic Program

Step 1: Apply to the college (new window).
Step 2: Attend a mandatory information session.

Step 3: Complete the online Paramedic Program application (new window).

Step 4: Complete a background check and drug screen (new window).

Step 5: Submit copies of all immunizations, AHA BLS CPR card, driver’s license, and Malpractice insurance with paramedic application.

Apply for Financial Aid

Get help with your college expenses by completing the online FAFSA by these priority deadlines:

  • Fall - July 1
  • Spring - December 1
  • Summer - April 1

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Selective Admissions Program

  1. Schedule a placement exam at BCTC (Platinum Testing $5.00)
  2. Oral Interviews

MANDATORY APPLICATION PACKETS will be given out at the Pre-Admission Conference.

If you're interested in applying, you must attend a pre-admission conference. We'll cover your most pressing questions to make sure this is a good fit for you. 

Candidate's questions can be addressed at pre-admission conferences. Therefore, each candidate must attend a pre-admission conference prior to applying to the Paramedic Technology Program. If unable to attend an in-person conference, please email Program Coordinator Daniel Forbing to request an online presentation.

View available conference dates

For more information regarding Paramedic Technology Admissions, please refer to the BCTC Course Catalog.


Once accepted into the Paramedic Program, you must provide proof of the following:

  1. Satisfy all general College admission requirements.
  2. Be at least 18 years of age or older upon the program start date.

Failure to provide a background check, drug test, EMT certification, CPR card, and immunizations by the first day of class will result in dismissal from the Paramedic Program. For further information, please contact the Paramedic Program Coordinator.

What are my degree, diploma, and certificate options?

The catalog describes the course requirements for completing the credential. Students are required to schedule an appointment with their assigned academic advisor to ensure achievement of their academic goals.

What Else Do I Need to Know?


The Bluegrass Community and Tech College Paramedic program has been issued a Letter of Review by the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP).

This letter is NOT a CAAHEP accreditation status, it is a status signifying that a program seeking initial accreditation has demonstrated sufficient compliance with the accreditation standards through the Letter of Review Self Study Report (LSSR) and other documentation. Letter of Review is recognized by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) for eligibility to take the National Registry's Paramedic credentialing examination(s). However, it is NOT a guarantee of eventual accreditation.

Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Profession (CoAEMSP)

(214) 703-8445 (new window)

Program Minimal Goal

To prepare competent entry-level Paramedics in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains with or without exit points at the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, or Emergency Medical Technician, or Emergency Medical Responder levels.

Length of Program

BCTC offers this course each Spring and Fall semesters and each program is 1 year.

This information should not be considered a substitute for the KCTCS Catalog. You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.

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